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Thursday, March 31, 2011

[GPC] There's no debate: Elizabeth May belongs in the debates

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The Old Boys’ Club is at it again. Elizabeth May has been denied entry into the televised leaders’ debates.
Instead of speaking up to defend true democracy, other party leaders seem relieved—perhaps due to the glowing reviews Elizabeth received after her first appearance in the 2008 debates.
What kind of democracy excludes a party with the support of one million of its citizens?
What kind of democracy allows a handful of TV executives to decide that a party that only runs candidates in one province has more right to be in a national leaders’ debate than a party with candidates in every riding?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Change the Channel on Attack Ads

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Attack ads are spiraling out of control. If you’re disgusted with negative politics and the state of Canadian democracy, it’s time to change the channel!
The Green Party of Canada is sending a message to the other political parties: Canadians are sick and tired of attack ads. We’re sending the message with an attack ad of our own – an attack ad on attack ads!
You can help send the message to the other political parties by taking the ad viral across the internet.

Here’s what you can do:

  1.  Share this ad ( on your Facebook page. Ask all your friends to share it too.
  2.  Tweet the link on Twitter with the tag #GPC. Ask your followers to RT.
  3. Go to the Facebook pages of Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff and post the Youtube link as a comment on their most recent wall post.
  4. Tweet the following message to Harper and Ignatieff:
    @pmharper @M_Ignatieff Sick of attack ads! Pull them now. #cdnpoli #cpc #gpc #lpc

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breaking News: Harper Campaigning in Elizabeth May's Riding

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Despite his claims that he doesn't want a spring election, Stephen Harper made a campaign-style spending announcement in Elizabeth May's riding of Saanich--Gulf Islands yesterday morning.

With Conservative incumbent Gary Lunn in tow, Harper announced $155 million worth of funding for a new helicopter base in the riding.

He's clearly pulling out all the stops to keep Elizabeth May from becoming Canada's first Green MP.

Why? Because she'll be such a powerful advocate for all Canadians--not just for the environment, but on a broad range of economic and social issues.

I need your help to make sure she gets elected, despite Harper's vote-buying tactics.

Obviously the Green Party doesn't have $155 million to spend. Fortunately our positive message of hope is much easier to sell.

Your gift of $155, or whatever you can afford, will allow us to reach out to voters who are tired of being bribed with their own tax dollars. Voters who are fed up with the cynical opportunism of politics-as-usual. Voters who are ready for a change.

Polls show that she's neck-and-neck with Lunn. It's going to come down to the wire. Your donation could be the deciding factor.

Together, we can elect Elizabeth May and really change the climate in parliament.

Thank you so much for your support.
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Johan Hamels
Executive Director

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Friday, February 04, 2011

Green Party announces opposition to UBB

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Green Party announces opposition to UBB

We here at are happy to hear that the Green Party of Canada came on board and has lent their support in urging the Minister of the Industry to reverse the CRTC’s decision, which allowed large Canadian ISPs to charge gross overage fees.
We appreciate their support, and are pleased to see the Green Party applauding Canadians who are getting involved in the issue and making their voice heard.
Emma Jane Hogbin, the Green Party Science and Technology critic noted "We should listen to the many Canadians that have used tools such as's "Stop the Meter" campaign to voice their concerns."
If you haven’t already, please sign the Stop The Meter petition within the next 24 hours, there are still many more obstacles Canadians face in dealing with this issue.