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Shocked Tragedy: Tearful mother bear killed her own kid and then committed suicide!

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shocked Tragedy】Tearful mother bear bile killed her own kid and then committed suicide, because she did not want her son to be abused as her.

Intro: Human beings use traps to catch bear in the wild, bear falling into the trap, resulting in paws or limbs torn.After the bear was being caught, to be nearly twenty-five years of human mutilation, bears dig stomach pain suicide.But the human mind that, had bear to wear clothing iron prevention of suicide, so that bears can not move any-more, not even suicide. Bear man dug a hole in the belly, into the iron pipe to the gallbladder, bile taken several times a day living, with blood, pain extremely painful bear roar like thunder, but wearing clothes iron, unable to move. (Cost savings, no anesthetic) with only the mother bear pain, to her children in the human intestinal Cubs broke open the belly of the occasion, to move away the cage, the bear tore their children - do not want to bear by a lifetime of hell.

Asked by a friend, he managed a few days for "Bear Village", which is located in the northwest part of the foot of the next ** villas are hidden, but also friends raised the bear manor.

That night, just before dawn hours, I sleep soundly in a small building Zhanzhuan difficult.Wind waves KB continuously into the calls, like the cries of weeping, painful and hopeless.Just at this point, I thought I heard the door gently on the movement, "creak, creak", and also accompanied by heavy breathing.I sat up and shoved a stand to hand pull out the light, "Who?"There was no answer, get it is truly terrifying silence.I reached out grabbed a broom and gently went to the door suddenly opened the door.Ha, curled up outside a bear, it curled up body fat, hair smelling of the hair on the temples with soft, fluffy place.It looked at me sheepishly, issued calls almost flattering Well Well, "raging, to, to ah," I opened my arms, climbed Bear waddled in front of me, a small palm resting on me, with that warm tongue licking my hand, very soft.Suddenly, a noise came from outside the sound, Winnie the eyes Yi Zheng, agility drill into the bed.Soon, a knock, I opened the door and asked: "What ah?" "Room bears bears just ran, did not bother Mr. right? ""Oh, there, ah, in this yet. " I pointed to the bear hiding place.They reached down and grabbed a handful of it, roughly in place from the inside out by dragging their legs to bear four pairs of legs bound, with a thick stick and wear long carried away.Bear left door, then bending over the upturned head helplessly looking at me, it is begging the poor vision.

After dawn, said Zhang with a class room took me to see bears.To a few thousand square meters tall building, which is very open, flat placed six cages, each cage has a weary black bear.The strange thing is they who are a shining Guzhe something like Doudu.Zhang told me, "this is used to take bile, bear bile is now the price is 300 yuan per gram."He took me to the front of the first cage, gesturing to me: "Mining bile began."I saw two sturdy so deftly tied the workers bear footer, in that each side just Doudu a thick rope pulled through a special pulley, the sound of chanting, "Hey!"Bear saw the body of contraction of the steel Doudu gradually shrink the.Suddenly, the Bears issued a hysterical roar shouted: "Woo ... ...!"That is simply not the roar ah, that is changing the shape of the desolate cry, he desperately looked up between his eyes in pain Dengyuan four thick tread in the limited space shod holding ground, issued a "Zila, AIDS pull "to ear-piercing sound, and instantly, that the steel pipe in the fuselage," tick, tick "to the liquid out of the aquamarine.Operatives and slowly release the rope, then pull up to the next round is called a hoarse cry.I saw the bear tears trickling to the instantaneous, it turns out like people clench his teeth, bent from the body to suffer endless pain.Tragic scene ah well, I could not bear to look, turned and walked away.At this point, I realized, that sad night, called the pain of those with the bears, in the twilight Trying groaning ah.

Zhang told me to the door, my voice trembling asked him: "What do you have human nature?They are all life-ah! "Zhang said dismissively: "No way, we are doing is such a live ah."Mood a little, which I reluctantly asked him: "How long will adopt a bile?"He replied: "That depends, and bile twice a day more, no later than two days to a few, generally an annual bear bile powder 2000 grams, can be taken 10 years."My heart trembled, twice a day, for 10 years, this is what the devil figure, ah, that is, that mortals Sugar Lee's tortured every day, twice, to the criminal law that does not want students to endure 10 years , the 7200 second cut out the heart Eviscerate ah.To day after day, year after year the boil, ah, the strong vertical of human vitality, but also it is difficult to stick with it, my heart is aching pain.

I propose to go back.Zhang said: "A surgery will be on the Cubs, at this critical moment you can not go, you represent Mr. Liueveryone's eyes when it saw me, suddenly a bright, eager, looking at me.My eyes moist, and this time, it even "splash" to my knees, both knees and the four hoofs ...Zhang waved his hand, order began to surgery, Cubs down toward the roof, burst into tears "Woo ... ..." It sounds very tragic, very disappointed that I never heard in this world a searing cry It is simply crying out to use human language as a "Mom" character, even the executioner as the workers who startled.At this time, the scene of a shocking exception occurred, I saw a big bear cage screaming cry, and even a little bit with that larger hands softened thumb thick cage, jumped out.The workers looked scared and fled, I suddenly stared, at the foot of the lead as the students, not moving one step.I can bear ignored the existence of the Cubs quickly bounced in front, with larger hands had gone to the awkward thick chain that can not undo how it had to kiss the bear, reluctantly, it nestled in its own arms, tongue lovingly lick bear serious tears, cried hum to soothe our beloved children.Bear mother cried again and again, as in "hum ... ..." sobbed in, find mother save themselves.

Suddenly, the Bear was barking, with his larger hands grabbed Bear's neck fiercely, shouted wear out Qiazhao, Qiazhao ......Until the bear's body down to soft ground, it did release his own larger hands, it looked dead child, it whimpered.Whine, as if shouting: "Children ah, my mother can not save you, but you re not going to suffer, and my mother I'm sorry you ah!"It first bite of their own hair, then a steel Doudu Yexia the body, with a half pipe that fly out of the gallbladder, stomach fur suddenly red with blood, the gurgle of flowing bright red red red .I saw it screamed like crazy to hit the wall, "Bang!"The walls came crashing down.I'm numb, do not know how to get out of this brutal bear room.

All day, my mind are those tragic scene.I asked myself in my mind: Mama Bear's move is the motherly love?I think, is a helpless mother love.In the here and now, it does not have the ability to help children escape the 20 years of hellish pain, desperation, only to create a love destroyed, go somewhere to accompany it, find it, only so ah!

Some bears can not stand the pain of daily bile has dig intestines suicide.Suicide in order to prevent them to this specially designed iron vest, day and night wear on them.

Bear the wounds of the pumping never closed, never recovered; due to tortured over many years, many bears are suffering from cancer, had cancer, the Bears have is liver cancer.Wearing a vest was pumping iron bear bile, iron vest, decomposing do not know how many years have been drawn.

Some people think that the bear's paw is a delicious world, and live cutting the palm is said to taste best.This is out of the poor relief was cut before the two bears the palm, but also bile several times a day to be drawn.

China's foreign mother black bear ---- Asian Animal Protection Association founder Jill Robinson.Jill Robinson in his right shoulder tattoo of the "moon bears" two Chinese characters.Five years, she always bears in the running, want to build a larger rescue center, but this fund has always been considered not ready.The photo shows Jill Robinson had just been rescued with a bear, the bear who was forced to wear protection to prevent suicide vest pumping iron gall.

This bear has been kept in a cage for 22 years! "Can not turn around, can not stand up straight, can not turn around, only pain! ! !Not only the dark woods without the sun! ! !Only suffering without freedom is endless!

Black bear bile is very painful.Fear of turbulence bile, black bear wearing a vest of steel only in one position most of the standing iron cage.In addition to the free swinging head, the body can no longer active. Each head is the black bear bile, are emaciated, their only action is desperately shaking his head.

Editor: bear bile is not a rare traditional Chinese medicine, can be completely replaced by herbal or synthetic.Please tell us, please do all of the power of publicity may, determined not to buy, do not they bear bile products! ! ! Let us all do something again for the moon bear it, save them! ! !

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Attention adsense publishers: Unoriginal contents are not allowed by Adsense!

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AdSense Facts & Fiction Part V: Unoriginal content - Inside AdSense

The latest “AdSense Facts & Fiction” from the Google AdSense Blog states an issue about many of adsense publishers turned-mass web site developers:
Fiction: Publishers can put ads on auto-generated pages or other copied content that was not created by them. Fact: We don’t allow sites with auto-generated or otherwise unoriginal content to participate in the AdSense program. This is to ensure that our users are benefiting from a unique online experience and that our advertisers are partnering with useful and relevant sites.
As you read the rest of the post it’s not clear if this applies to sites that republish syndicated content. In additions:
Sometimes we come across sites that are using software to generate automated content. These sites might look like normal news sites, but the information is completely plagiarized. Scraping content and passing it off as one’s own is not only wrong, but it also happens to be a serious violation of our policies There’s a good amount of content that can be copied and republished per the author’s guidelines. So it seems that this directive if mostly pointed to splogs, such as the many “blogs” that copy content from Domain Name Wire and republish it in its entirety.
The post also said that sites should build "long term" users. Which means adsense encourage publishers to run forum or community sites. However, those kind of sites are kind of hard to manage. If you ask me which system would I use, I would suggest Drupal. However, Drupal is same as Google which means developer friendly. Millions of normal users feel that is hard to use since to first step to use it is hard. It is because majority of users are not familiar with Linux based system. From now on, I will publish a few tutorials for everyone about how to deploy and activate a drupal7 web site!

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Difference Between jQuery and AJAX | Difference Between | jQuery vs AJAX

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Difference Between jQuery and AJAX | jQuery vs AJAX | AJAX vs jQuery Difference Between AJAX and jQuery

There are multiple of languages that can be used in making a web page nowadays, some are even not even unique but just a derivative of another language. jQuery is one of these derivatives. It is a lightweight library of JavasScript that focuses more on interactions with HTML elements. AJAX, on the other hand, is not a specific technology but a combination of varying technologies to provide a new functionality. Whenever you request a new set of data from web site, it clears the whole page and loads the new one. AJAX is used to circumvent this behavior and allow new data to be retrieved without modifying the whole page. AJAX is a very powerful tool to use but it can’t be utilized with simple HTML since HTML doesn’t allow the page to be changed after it has fully loaded. In order to use AJAX, you would need a client side scripting language that allows you to detect the actions of the user and modify elements on the page accordingly. jQuery does that exactly, that is why both are often used together to present web pages that a user can interact with easily without repetitive loading. jQuery does all the work on the front end, therefore you would need to have a full understanding of it in order to properly set-up your page. You would not need to learn the exact mechanisms of AJAX in order to utilize it as jQuery gives you an AJAX command to retrieve whichever data you need from the server. Although the use of jQuery and AJAX makes the browsing experience a lot better for the user, the effect to the server hosting these files are not as desirable. Every time you make another AJAX request, a new connection to the server is made. Too many connections can sometimes be difficult for the server to cope with. Most hosting companies have made steps in order to prevent overloads since jQuery and AJAX are truly here to stay.

1. JQuery is a lightweight client side scripting library while AJAX is a combination of technologies used to provide asynchronous data transfer
2. jQuery and AJAX are often used in conjunction with each other
3. jQuery is primarily used to modify data on the screen dynamically and it uses AJAX to retrieve data that it needs without changing the current state of the displayed page
4. Heavy usage of AJAX functions often cause server overload due to the greater number of connections made

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Drupal 7 - Easier and more powerful than ever

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Drupal 7 - Easier and more powerful than ever


"Friendly and powerful: Drupal 7
We are proud to present to you our best work yet – Drupal 7, the friendly and powerful content management platform for building nearly any kind of website: from blogs and micro-sites to collaborative social communities. Get started with Drupal 7

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Fresh Deals for the New Year from ProFlowers

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Flower order great deal! 15% Off Holiday Gifts and D├ęcor

Fresh Deals for the New Year from  ProFlowers 
100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies

100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies
Dear Valued Publisher,

Celebrate the beginning of a new year with a fresh bouquet from  ProFlowers.  The warmth and color of our winter collection is a perfect  complement to the season.  We created affiliate-exclusive promotions  for January.  Be sure to review the details below.

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January Product Promotions

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Drupal core 7

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Drupal 7.0 RC 4 Released

Help test the forthcoming Drupal 7.0!

7.0-rc4 release: Download | Notes
7.x-dev snapshot: Download | Notes

Get started by downloading the official Drupal core files. These official releases come bundled with a variety of modules and themes to give you a good starting point to help build your site. Drupal core includes basic community features like blogging, forums, and contact forms, and can be easily extended by downloading other contributed modules and themes.
Before installing Drupal, please review the system requirements and the Installation Guide.
If you are using Internet Explorer and WinZip, save the file first, as otherwise IE will corrupt the file's extension.
Information on version numbers can be found in the handbook.

When will Drupal 7 be released?

January 5, 2011. Come celebrate the release!


Recommended releases

Version Downloads Date Links
6.20 tar.gz (1.05 MB) | zip (1.23 MB) 2010-Dec-15 Notes
5.23 tar.gz (750.26 KB) | zip (852.87 KB) 2010-Aug-11 Notes

Other releases

Version Downloads Date Links
7.0-rc4 tar.gz (2.59 MB) | zip (3.05 MB) 2010-Dec-30 Notes

Development releases

Version Downloads Date Links
7.x-dev tar.gz (2.6 MB) | zip (3.05 MB) 2011-Jan-03 Notes
6.x-dev tar.gz (1.05 MB) | zip (1.23 MB) 2010-Dec-16 Notes
5.x-dev tar.gz (750.34 KB) | zip (854.89 KB) 2010-Aug-12 Notes

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ATi Radeon HD 6950 to HD 6970 Mod

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AMD Radeon HD 6950 to HD 6970 Mod


A few weeks ago AMD released the Radeon HD 6970 and Radeon HD 6950. Both cards are based on AMD's new Cayman core which is their first graphics processor to use a VLIW4 shader configuration.
AMD/ATI Highend GPU structureJust like on all other similar products, AMD's two Cayman variants, called Cayman Pro and Cayman XT, are based on the exact same GPU silicon. The model variant a GPU chip becomes is decided after the die is produced, at some point before it is put on the card. Creating new SKUs from the same silicon by locking features has been common practice in the industry since at least the Radeon 9500 in 2002. This article is to unlock the Radeon HD 6950. The HD 6970 has nothing that can be unlocked.
The picture above shows the disabled HD 6950 shaders in red. When unlocked, these deactivated units become active, resulting in a substantial performance increase. AMD has two methods of locking the shader count on all of their recent GPUs. The first one relies on fuses inside the GPU, or on the substrate - a mechanism similar to Intel's multiplier locking. It is not reversible as far as we know. The second mechanism is the one we are interested in, AMD can configure the VGA BIOS in a way that it disables extra shaders, in addition to the ones disabled via the on-die fuses. This method is mostly used to create engineering samples or reviewer cards that match the target specifications. Usually production cards come with the shader count configured in the fuses, so that it can not be changed. Apparently currently shipping Radeon HD 6950 cards from all manufacturers - which actually are all the same card with different sticker - have their shaders locked via the BIOS method, so we can exploit it easily.

Unlocking the shaders

Unlocking the additional shaders is done by flashing the card with a HD 6970 BIOS. You can find a few in our VGA BIOS collection. Any of these BIOSes will work on any reference design HD 6950 card. You could use the ASUS BIOS which comes with higher clocks & Overdrive limits and enables voltage changes via SmartDoctor, or stick with one of the reference BIOSes in case you are afraid the clocks might be too high. I will describe the method for flashing from within Windows, which is safe enough on these cards because of the dual BIOS feature that enables easy recovery.
  1. Grab ATI Winflash from here (32 & 64-bit).
  2. Download HD 6970 BIOS. The Sapphire one I linked to will work on all reference design cards from any vendor.
  3. Make sure the BIOS switch on the card is set to the 1 position (pictured further down if you don't know where it is).
  4. Run ATI Winflash, click Save to save your BIOS, so you have a backup in case something goes wrong.
  5. Load the HD 6970 BIOS into Winflash by clicking Load Image, followed by Program.
  6. Let the flashing process complete and reboot your system.
  7. Check the shader count using GPU-Z, it should show 1536. Make sure you use version 0.5.0 or newer, the official 0.4.9 version does not support HD 6900 Series properly. If you see a shader count of 1600, your GPU-Z version is outdated.
  8. To ensure maximized performance open Catalyst Control Center, go to the Overdrive tab and set the PowerTune slider to the +20% setting. The "Testing" section of this article has more data on that.
  9. Check stability in Windows desktop applications and games.
If you get an error like ID mismatch or Could not erase ROM, then you'll have to do some extra work in a Windows command prompt (or DOS): Run atiwinflash -unlockrom 0 followed by atiwinflash -f -p 0 bios.bin where bios.bin is the path and filename of the HD 6970 BIOS you downloaded. Update: I have uploaded a pack of all the files required together with some batch files to ease the process for less experienced users. You can download it here, please report success or any issues with the scripts in the comments for this article. Feel free to post in the discussion thread for this article if you need additional assistance with the flashing process.


We can see that enabling the shaders without any clock increases improves performance. Once the clock speeds are adjusted to match the HD 6970, the card effectively performs just as well as a full blown Radeon HD 6970. I did some additional power consumption tests and it seems that AMD's PowerTune power limiting system does not get "upgraded" by the BIOS flash. We see that even when modded, the HD 6950 (at HD 6970 shaders and clocks) runs into the PowerTune limit earlier than the regular HD 6970 which results in reduced power draw but also reduced performance in Furmark. With a power consumption of 202 W, the modded HD 6950 is well below the 225 W specification limit of the HD 6950 power configuration. Once we up the power limit in Catalyst Control Center by +20%, we see that the modded HD 6950 draws 252 W, which exceeds its specification (225 W) by 27 W. This move also improves rendering performance by a good deal, so I would recommend it to all users who perform this mod and have a half-decent power supply. Going 12% beyond the specified power limit will not have any ill effects on your hardware and is well covered by manufacturing tolerances and overspeccing, but it reduces the possibility of stuttering or other performance slowdowns caused by AMD PowerTune.

What if something goes wrong?

So you flashed the BIOS and your card doesn't work for one reason or the other? If your card boots fine but does not work reliably in 3D, you can just boot the card and flash back the original BIOS of your card (that's why you should always save your BIOS before doing any flashing experiments. In case your card does not boot at all you can use AMD's new backup BIOS feature:
  1. Set the BIOS switch (pictured above) in the 2 position to enable the recovery BIOS and restart the computer. This will let you boot the card without problems.
  2. Boot into Windows/DOS prompt and get ready to flash the card - do not start the flashing process just yet.
  3. Set the BIOS switch in the 1 position with the system running and ready to flash.
  4. Flash your saved BIOS to the card.
  5. Reboot, done.
The dual BIOS feature is just an added convenience for easier recovery, it is not a requirement for this kind of modding, nor is it evidence that AMD has planned their cards with unlocking in mind.

Test Results

Please report your findings in this thread (or e-mail me) so we can update the statistics. (Last updated Dec 27, 19:40 CET)

ATi Radeon HD 6950 to HD 6970 Mod

Unlocks and
works fine
Unlocks but
rendering errors
Does not

The latest in hardware and gaming

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AMD Radeon HD 6950 Can be Unlocked to HD 6970
Looks like Santa brought an extra present for us hardware enthusiasts this year. Thanks to a less secure locking method AMD's new Radeon HD 6950 can be unlocked to a full blown HD 6970 with a few mouse clicks. As detailed in our article, you can safely perform the flashing process from within Windows. In case something goes wrong it is easier than ever to recover the card thanks to AMD's new Dual-BIOS feature. We tested the unlock on three HD 6950 cards: one AMD engineering sample, one HIS media sample and one ASUS retail card. All of them unlocked perfectly and run at HD 6970 speeds now. More success reports are compiled into a table at the end of the modding article.