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Jules Verne

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Jules Verne

Jules Verne (Jules Verne, 1828.2.8 ~ 1905) was born in Nantes, western France, the harbor, he constitutes a part of the city on the river Feiyi De Lao Aer island living and learning to graduate from high school. Father was a highly successful lawyer, as one hopes inherited his father. But Verne childhood love the ocean, longing for adventure voyage. 11 years old, he volunteers on board when the interns, India voyage, the results found by his family back home. Dayton beat Jules Verne has endured this, and lying in bed with tears that: "In the future to ensure that only travel in the fantasy of lying in bed." Perhaps it is precisely because of this childhood experience, the objective to promote Verne surf in the fantasy life, to create so many famous science fiction works.
At 18, he told his father to comply, to Paris to study law, but he was not interested in the law, but fell in love with literature and drama. Time, from a Jules Verne or early evening, when he suddenly innocence down big time, leisurely slide down the handrails along the stairs, do not want a fat gentleman who was hit. Jules Verne is very embarrassing apologies casually asked not to eat each other, the other replied, just had scrambled eggs Nantes. Jules Verne, shaking his head after hearing, claiming that there is no authentic Paris, Nantes scrambled eggs, because he is human and good dish of Nantes. Fat gentleman heard rejoicing, invites performed Verne door. Two of friendship from the beginning, and once to write a drama, for the Jules Verne took the road of creating favorable conditions. The fat gentleman's name is - Alexandre Dumas. After graduation, he was obsessed with poetry and drama of the creative input, this not only severely reprimanded by his father and lost his father's financial support. He had to struggle in poverty, to read for pleasure. He admired Hugo, Balzac, Dumas and Shakespeare in England. In Paris, he created 20 scripts (unpublished), and some poetry is full of romantic passion.
Later, Jules Verne and Alexandre Dumas co-writing the screenplay "broken straw" and can be staged, which marks the Jules Verne in the literature have achieved initial success. Continue the creative process, Jules Verne was a lack of literature seems way out, and he discovered that the literary world who are finding a way, other areas are trying to melt into the drama of knowledge. Such as Alexandre Dumas is melting into the history of literature, and social ethics Balzac put into literature ... ... At this time financial Verne found that only geography has not yet been developed.
So Verne tested using one year, creating a "glacier above the winter" and other works, but not published.
1856 Verne train to the northern city of Amiens, met a beautiful widow with two children, saw the end of love and marry him, and then get married. Then move past Verne, began serious production. The time 29 years old.
Jules Verne create a "balloon on the five weeks", the 16 publishers ignored, angrily into the fire, rescue by his wife, sent to 17 publishing houses after publication. Herzl called the book's editors appreciated, from Jules Verne met Concert, forged lifelong friendships with them. Hegel signed a contract with the Jules Verne, published in the year two of its science fiction.
"Balloon on the five weeks" after the publication of Jules Verne's creation has entered a period of many aspects of exploration, he tested a variety of writing, the direction toward a variety of exploration, out of control. Two published annually, the general heading of "strange trip", including "geocentric Travels," "From the Earth to the Moon" "around the Moon," "Haideliangmoli" "Mysterious Island" and so on, to include land, sea and sky ... ... After exploring stop, began to mature into a stable period of development, creating a "80 days around the Earth," "The Adventures of the solar system" (Chinese translation of "big raft") "two-leave" and other outstanding works. As the popularity increased, the Jules Verne's wealth is growing rapidly.
Jules Verne's later years is not very happy, creative and enter the weak reduction of its "Kaer Ba Qian's Castle" has some autobiographical, showing the hidden side of life.
March 17, 1905 Jules Verne appears paralysis, loss of consciousness 24, 25 8:00 on the morning of the death.
March 28, 1905 a large funeral procession, around the world have electronic condolence in tribute to the great science fiction writer.
Jules Verne story vivid and humorous, witty phenomena, but also inspire people, especially young love science, yearning passion for adventure, so a hundred years, has been welcomed by readers around the world. According to UNESCO data show that Jules Verne is the world's most translated work of one of the ten masters.
Jules Verne is an excellent writer of popular fiction, there is a way to get the illusion of their own ability to touch, the feeling is comprehensive, from the dull literature conveys a human passions. But the characters in Jules Verne's novel is exactly the same apart from a few outside, he seems to create no more important figure, the characters are simply bad and good profiling, there is no mental activity; characters from the works of a single sex He can also be seen on the woman's prejudice, faintly showing by its bitter state of mind. Besides the works of Jules Verne is full of clear social orientation, is a patriot (preferably French), National Liberation advocates (to support the struggle of oppressed peoples), to some extent is an anarchist (from Some works show no order), with a galactic imperialists finally (with the desire to create a universal empire.)
Verne's works are full of knowledge, but he himself is a mystic universe, the world has a mysterious cult. In his novels, sometimes deep enough to think the theme is often repeated.
But in general, Jules Verne attempt is still great. Although he wrote all ordinary matter, but still make us excited about reading. As the Pope met with Verne in 1884 when he said: "I do not know the scientific value of your work, but I treasure the most is their pure, moral values and spiritual strength."

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Runing a Universal windows xp VHD from a usb stick

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Runing a Universal windows xp VHD from a usb  stick

Just because I guess I'm not the only one that burned on it many hours I am happy to share all what I could finally understand and make it works for me...

From my experience I can say the most comfortable system for pc repairs/virus cleaning/portable os for internet/multimedia/mail/Quick work with files... is this xp.vhd .
* its small (lass than 1 gb)
* its boot very fast (11 sec with ewf - 19 sec without ewf)
* full multimedia support so you can Immediately play your media
* full printing support
* your anti virus always up to date (no need wait for updates like in pe builds )
* your anti virus real time protection work (Unlike pe builds)
* easy to install driver from driverforce or driver geek including all type of drivers (better than pe builds)
* with ewf you are protected - only when you need to update or install something you commit write to disk and return to ewf protection
* all portable apps are works (i has 8gb collection i made with Thinstall )

Of course our cool developers deserve thanks for there wonderful tools and deep explanations they give here all the time. :thumbup: Just a few steps I incorporated different guides to get the desired result
I can say I tried all the "usb xp" guides we have here in forum,I spent many hours on this :wodoo:

My conclusion until last week was the only way that really works is to go with wimb's Tool, step by step and create xp_ram.img and update it on many computers

But still it did not satisfy me because of the prominent faults
- You can not run on computers with little memory
- takes too much time on computers with slow usb boot
- I wanted to boot immediately to work rather than to dwell with the learning process, etc ...

Then thankfully I read here a few things and added a few things in my mind
Anyone who wants can try the great success: real universal xp.vhd without learning process needed work from winvblock file disk & g4d ram disk from usb without tne BSOD 0x7B i tried on 9 pc's only i get error But I fixed that too (see Part 13) Since I try it on every computer that I just met all work well!!

my steeps are:

1. make file cald xp.vhd on your local drive(fixed, not dynamic!) [i prefer .vhd instead of img for use with virtual pc if i want later ] {I disabled free space checking with nlite so i use 1gb .vhd}

2. make xpsp3.iso with full "chipset"+"mass storage"+"cpu" drivers integrate and Reduced size by removing Unnecessary components (my .iso is 410mb)

3. run this setup command
title start setup xp on img
map --mem /winvblock.ima (fd1)
map --mem (md)0x6000+800 (fd0)
map /xp.vhd (hd0)
map --mem /IMAGES/xpsp3.iso (0xff)
map --hook
dd if=(fd1) of=(fd0) count=1
chainloader (0xff)

title continue setup xp on img
map --mem /winvblock.ima (fd1)
map --mem (md)0x6000+800 (fd0)
map /xp.vhd (hd0)
map --mem /IMAGES/xpsp3.iso (0xff)
map --hook
dd if=(fd1) of=(fd0) count=1
root (hd0,0)
chainloader /ntldr

4. boot from the vhd from your local disk with this command

title Boot XP from image file 
map /xp.vhd (hd0)
map --rd-size=2048
map --mem (rd)+4 (0x55)
map --hook
write (0x55) #GRUB4DOS\x00v=1\x00xp.vhd\x000x80\x00
root (hd0,0)
chainloader /ntldr

5. connect your usb disk to the pc for the system to recognize it ..reboot when steel connect

6. use wim'b IMG_XP package to Reduced windows size & use all wimb's registry_tweaks (no need to create .img but use the tweaks.reg...) do not install firadisk! winvblock already installed!

7. open device manager and change all "ide&usb" drivers to "standard..." and computer to "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface"... reboot pc...

8. Optional, use "XPlite Professional 1.9" to Reduce your windows (Very significantly)

9. download UsbBootWatcher.zip from here:
Also download usb_xp_init.cmd from here:
Unzip UsbBootWatcher.zip and put usb_xp_init.cmd into the folder we have just extracted UsbBootWatcher. The directory structure should look like this:
amd64 - directory
x86 - directory

10. Boot into other Windows so you can edit your xp.vhd windows (you can mount the xp.vhd as local drive from windows7/Win7PE disk mangment or boot it on virtual pc)

11. Run usb_xp_init.cmd and type the path of system32 directory of the mounted vhd. (for examle D:\Windows\system32)
When it completed unmount the vhd

12. now you be able to boot this xp.vhd from your usb drive on different machines Without any additional actions (At least I can)

13. If you still encounter screen of death (happened to me once of 9 computers) Copy the .vhd file to the local drive and run it from there (or add --mem to map entry and run from ram disk)
after you boot to desktop wait for system finish the automatic drivers instantiation, then copy the vhd back to usb (or use IMG_XP_Update.exe to update your .vhd that placed on your usb) now its can safely boot from it

14. Optional, use ewfmgr To protect your disk and to improve performance Especially if it is a flash drive that his writing is very slow
how to install ewfmgr?

There may be other ways, my way is to boot the system with ewfmgr.iso (thanks to etboot project) its works in xp rc environment . (in our case we can boot it from virtualpc or from g4d + map vhd ) I brought up for you
select 1 to install ewf
select drive {c:}
select win folder {windows}
after we boot into windows run cmd >
ewfmgr c:\ -enable = protection on
ewfmgr c:\ -disable = protection off
ewfmgr /all = all comand line

15. enjoy!
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