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EHCI Specification

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The Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI) specification describes the register-level interface for a Host Controller for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Revision 2.0. The specification includes a description of the hardware/software interface between system software and the host controller hardware. This specification is intended for hardware component designers, system builders and device driver (software) developers.

Implementation of the Enhanced Host Controller Interface specification requires a license from Intel. Adopters of the Enhanced Host Controller Interface specification for USB have signed the Enhanced Host Controller Interface specification for USB—Adopters Agreement in order to be licensed to use and implement this specification. This Adopters Agreement provides adopters with a reciprocal, royalty-free license to certain intellectual property rights from Intel and other Adopters and Contributors for their products that are compliant with the Enhanced Host Controller Interface specification for USB.

Licensing of Revision 1.0 of the EHCI specification allows the implementation of both discrete and integrated compliant EHCI host controllers. All versions of the specification prior to the Revision 1.0 level (0.95 and 0.96) are licensed to allow the implementation of compliant, discrete EHCI host controllers only.

The latest revision of the specification is Revision 1.0. This revision is an editorial update from 0.96. Revision 1.0 can be downloaded from the link below. The complete Revision 1.0 download includes two files: the specification and a summary of the changes between revision 0.96 and 1.0. All current development should be targeting this revision of the specification.


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