Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jquery 1.51 is released!

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About The Code(Jquery 1.51)

The code itself is written rather cleanly in an attempt to self-document. If you've spotted some areas of code that could be improved, please feel free to discuss it on the Development mailing list. All input is gladly appreciated!
All of the code is available in two formats:

  • Compressed (which allows you to have a significantly smaller file size) and
  • Uncompressed (good for debugging and to understand what is behind the magic).
If you're interested in downloading Plugins developed by jQuery contributors, please visit the Plugins page.
jQuery is provided under the following MIT and GPL licenses.

CDN Hosted jQuery

A number of large enterprises provide hosted copies of jQuery on existing CDN networks that are available for public use. Below are links to the CDN-hosted copies of jQuery that you may hotlink to.

Download jQuery

This is the recommended version of jQuery to use for your application. The code in here should be stable and usable in all modern browsers.
The minified versions, while having a larger file size than the packed versions (note: packed version is not available in current release), are generally the best versions to use on production deployments. The packed versions require non-trivial client-side processing time to uncompress (unpack) the code whereas the minified versions do not. The packed versions of jQuery will take less time to download than the minified or uncompressed versions; however, each time the library is loaded (initially or from the browser cache) it will need to be uncompressed which will cause a non-trivial delay in the execution of any jQuery code each time it is loaded.

Current Release