Thursday, June 17, 2010

Korean goal hero Kaka 12 yuan monthly income of only 40 times their annual salary

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One is the number one ranked Brazil, a world ranking of only 105 of the Korean team, the two teams clash in the G group, the Korean team finally edged out 1-2, except that impregnable defense as the game last time Chi Yin veteran goal to become a highlight of the south, but apart from the competition, who can think of, this goal break the world's most powerful teams of people, compared with Brazil's star, worth the difference even greater.

The second half of the game can be dominated by the Brazilian team, but as soon as the five-star champion preparing to celebrate the victory, the Korean team one suddenly popped up in the restricted area on the left foot relevant statistic procedures ripped through the Brazilian team's goal. Last minute break, Chi Yin south, not only opportunities, more of a tenacious fighting spirit.

Chi Yin, 33-year-old South Korean league, a local player in their team, the top athletes like him a monthly salary of about 5,000 Korean currency (RMB 12 yuan), while Brazil team 10 million worth of players everywhere, annual salary of nine million U.S. dollars to the card, for example, his income was actually Chi Yin Nan annual income of more than 40 times. But in the game, Kaka, under guard against the Korean team with hardly any opportunity to pass the first half also repeated mistakes, if you know a huge gap in income, I do not know Kaka will Zuoheganxiang.

Brazil as the favorites to win the World Cup team, the team members played for almost all of the five major European leagues, which have more than Real Madrid, Inter Milan and other giants. Among them, the card was worth 50 million euros for the whole team up, together with the Brazilian team has several players, the team always worth up to 353 million euros. The North Korean top star, playing for the Japanese J League Kawasaki striker Chong Tese is also only worth 250 million euros, the Korean team worth a total of only 9.55 million euros, the Korean team less than Kaka one 1 / 5.

There are many examples like this, the current World Cup team competition, the first battle in Cologne to help Slovenia to score even in the period of unemployment, but they have a big star with comparable performance.
After the World Cup, such as Chi Yin Nam veteran will also face retirement, which most likely is his last term of the tournament. Nevertheless, he at the end of the game to give Brazil the provisional final blow will be the World Cup classic.

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