Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Notepad++ v6.5.1 - Current Version with DIRECT DOWNLOAD link

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Notepad++ v6.5.1

The newest build of Notepad Plus Plus is released!

Notepad Plus Plus is not only freeware, but also Opensource! It is one of the best friend for Developers! It support almost all popular computer languages. Such as HTML, C++, PHP, XML and A lot more!. For sure, it supports html5!

We have Direct Download link in this post!

The function list has been enhanced in release 6.5.1: search/sort abilities and Java parser are added in the build-in function list. A good news for people who use synaptics touchpad: the scrolling problem is solved in this release. Through it's rather due to the synaptics driver's problem, a walkaround solution was integrated in Notepad++'s code.

Here you can check the change log and download Notepad++ v6.5.1:

Direct Download:
Notepad++ download

Notepad++ v6.5.1 - Current Version: "You might want to try it on line before downloading it. (JVM is required) Notepad++ Installer : Take this one if you have no idea which one you should take. Notepad++ zip package : Don't want to use installer? Check this one (zip format). Notepad++ 7z package : Don't want to use installer? 7z format. Notepad++ minimalist package : No theme, no plugin, no updater, quick download and play directly. 7z format. SHA-1 digests for binary packages : Check it if you're paranoid. Notepad++ source code : The source code of current version. You can find sha1 digests for binaries package on Sourceforge as well. Notepad++ v6.5.1 new features and bug fixes: Add search and sort abilities into build-in function list. Add Java parser into function list. Add auto-completion for absolute path feature. Fix scrolling text problem while using "Synaptics touchpad". Fix EOL type not correctly determined for UTF-16 files bug. Fix tab settings bug in Normal text."

Let's download it!


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