Friday, April 23, 2010

Ashley Graham vs. ABC – Big Busted Model Banned! (Rocker's World - The Zone 21)

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Ashley Graham vs. ABC – Big Busted Model Banned! (Rocker's World - The Zone 21) Ashley Graham vs. ABC – Big Busted Model Banned! By AAyles on April 23rd, 2010 AShley GrahamAshley Graham is not impressed with the way she was treated by ABC – and we don’t blame her. The big-busted model was set to appear in an ad for Lane Bryant but was axed when ABC deemed the commercial too hot for TV. The ad was scheduled to appear during commercial breaks for the hit show Dancing with the Stars, a show known for scantily-clad women who wear next-to-nothing and shake their assets on the dance floor every week. Need we also remind you that Dancing with the Stars is aired live, where the provocatively dressed stars are often victim to wardrobe malfunctions (much like Chelsea’s this week). Your tatas falling out of your dress on live TV seems a little hotter than a previously recorded ad with a woman wearing a well-secured bra, don’t you think? Ashley was insulted and offended after ABC made its decision releasing this statement shortly after: “I was very surprised. The first thing I thought of was Victoria’s Secret commercials, and how they’re just as racy, if not more racy, than Lane Bryant.” ABC fired back with this statement of their own: “Their statements are not true,” said ABC Vice President Julie Hoover. “We were willing to accommodate them, but they chose to seek publicity.” While ABC never backed down on their decision, Lane Bryant and Fox struck a deal and the commercial was aired during American Idol. You can check out the commercial below: Do you think Ashley Graham was treated unfairly? Was the commercial really too hot for TV? Photo via NY Post