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Attention people, the following is an example of online scamming

email post
Google doesnt have any program like something call "work from home" "earn $XXX daily from home". There is a program call "Google Adsense". You must produce your OWN media in order to join Google Adsense.

If you see some spam email and website like the following, Please just ignore them. They may contain virus.

An example of online scamming:

I just sent a verification request to the email you entered on the previous page.

All you have to do is verify your subscription by clicking the confirmation link in that email, and my newsletter system will instantly send you the link to the first Profit Loophole case study (The subject line will say: "Profit Loophole - A Real Case Study")

In the meantime - Listen Up:


If you're not yet making a full time income online - and if real life issues are choking out your enthusiasm for online business (due to a lack of actual results) - then read this entire page very carefully...
AD from Google:(SAFE)
"If You Can Build a Crappy Little 10-Page Site or Blog That Makes Next to Nothing with Adsense or Affiliate Programs...

...Then You Have Everything it Takes to Realistically - and Consistently - Replace Your Job Income in Just a Few Month's Time..."


Read on...

First things first - let's break the "cardinal rule" of internet-marketing salesletters by confronting the truth about newbies, inexperienced marketers and even well-educated marketers who simply aren't making real money yet...


99% of Newbies Have a Fat Chance in Hell of Making a Full Time Income (Let Alone Anything) Online Because:

1. They SUCK At Writing Effective Sales Copy and Ads

2. They SUCK At Picking Profitable Markets/Offers

3. They SUCK At Driving Traffic, and

4. They SUCK At Running a Business


Somebody finally said it. And I don't care how many "courses" you've bought or how much money you've doled out "learning" about product creation, affiliate marketing, PPC, clickbank - whatever. It's all for nothing unless you intrinsically understand the real-life mechanisms of business and marketing.

Which is something that comes with time, experience and usually - many failed attempts.

So the reality is that when it comes to generating a full-time income from the RESULTS of your own sites (or PPC campaigns, or products, or whatever) - I hate to burst your bubble, but unless you get really lucky, get ready for several months, if not years of trial, error, frustration and roller-coaster income (and I'm speaking from personal experience).

Ask any honest full-time marketer and you'll hear the same thing from them. THAT is the reality of what it normally takes to build up to a full-time income, especially when you're just learning the ropes.


Unless your income is NOT dependant on what your sites make.

Let me say that again:

It's inevitably going to take a long time (with lots of struggle) to build a full-time income online UNLESS you can somehow get paid for your effort regardless of your site's actual results.


Okay - this is where things start getting very exciting. Especially for people that are tired of all the bullcrap, and want a REAL answer to REAL financial stress...


Check out this short video to see how this works...


" I sold a site within 36 hours..."

"Dave, I sold an existing site within 36 hours of reading Profit Loophole for over $10k. That's almost 15 months of future profits."

Greg Anliker

So... What is the Profit Loophole, Exactly?

Is It Just "Site Flipping"?

As you've probably guessed, it has to do with selling sites - but with a very crucial twist...

A lot of people have talked about "site flipping". Flipping sites is a short-term cash strategy, at best - and despite whatever you've heard, it takes some serious marketing know-how to make traditional site flipping viable.

The problem with "flipping sites" is that, to make the big bucks, your site already has to be doing well in and of itself, which - for a newbie in this business - is totally out of the question.

Not gonna happen.

Second - absolutely nobody has yet nailed down an actual, working strategy to make site-flipping a sustainable, profitable business model that you can keep on doing consistently.

(And that's the key right there, consistency. You can't quit your job if you just make "lucky money" the odd time.)

In fact, in every case where I've seen someone "teach" the site-flipping model, there were three glaring problems that would normally make this strategy either a complete waste of time - or only viable to very experienced marketers...

3 BIG Problems With Traditional Site-Flipping

Problem #1: To make good money selling a site, you need to have a site that's making good money!

(Which is what most people would love to be able to do in the first place, let alone sell a site making good money. Definitely a case of "chariot before the horse"...)

Problem #2: It often seems pointless - since the high-earning sites don't seem to sell for much in comparison to a real-world business with comparable cash-flows.

It begs the question, "Why bother?". And...

Problem #3: "Poof!" There goes your income stream. When you sell your site, obviously - you lose its revenue. Which puts you right back to where you started.

Unless you managed to build and sell the next "Facebook", which to me seems about as statistically likely as being abducted by aliens (and you probably have a better chance of being abducted, actually).

In short, what it boils down to is that - traditionally speaking - selling your sites is just a way to raise cash if you are in a "tight spot", need money for tax or some other unforeseen expense, etc. And usually it's a forced sale, especially when we're talking about well-performing sites.

It's done out of necessity or obligation. Not because it's financially smart.

And, by default, it's anything but a "newbie" strategy...

"So - what makes the Profit Loophole any different if it's based on selling sites?"

"And for the love of God - WHAT IS IT already!!??"

I'm glad you asked.

Let me summarize it as best I can in one sentence:


Exact Same Amount of Effort Building & Promoting AdSense or Affiliate Sites

+ Profit Loophole

= Several Times MORE Money Consistently


So let's talk about how this works exactly - and why it's totally different than traditional site flipping...

Unlike traditional site flipping, the Profit Loophole is a formulaic, repeatable and proprietary system of building a certain kind of site (with a very small amount of content) that is ideal to a buyer, and then selling it for maximum profit once it reaches its "peak phase" according to my formula.

Now, the beauty of it is that these sites don't need to be earning boat-loads of money to fetch a NICE sale figure. In fact, they can be earning chump change (or nothing, literally), and still fetch a great sale price.

(But only if you follow the formula, since the buyers are only looking for a certain type of site - the kind that we build using the Profit Loophole...)

As an example, I've sold sites with virtually ZERO revenue for thousands of dollars, using this method. Specifically, I even once sold a site that had earned a whopping $2 for the entire calendar year for over $5,000+, because the buyer was simply looking for indexed content.

And over time, this exact process has been refined down to a science.

In fact - I've personally sold over 500 sites using this exact model, and every site I have ever listed for sale has moved, without a single exception.

As a result, I've earned many, many times over what I would have if I had "built and held" the sites personally, rather than building them specifically for the purpose of selling them, in line with my specific process.

The reason why this works so incredibly well (in contrast to traditional site-flipping) is for 3 reasons:

3 Reasons Why You'll Earn Way More Money Consistently Using the Profit Loophole

1. The process for building and promoting these sites is super easy, fast and simple.

There is no need to build a "supersite" making good money. Also, since it's so easy and simple to build/promote these sites, you can simply whip up more sites as fast as your current inventory sells out.

2. Because the real buyers out there go rabid for sites like this, and they command top-dollar every time.

Instead of hoping someone will pay a small fortune for your "baby", you can just sell these Profit Loophole sites for their actual market value and watch your earnings mount up much, much higher than you'd ever see from the performance of the sites themselves.

And, most importantly (and amazingly, really)...


For the simple reason that, in essence, you are supplying "startup packages" to more experienced marketers who will gladly pay a premium price for a site that's built to their specific needs.

And you can follow the same, formulaic process thousands of times over, because that's exactly what your buyers are doing, too.

You simply follow the Profit Loophole formula for building and promoting these small, but specialized sites - selling them according to the formula - and the only way you wouldn't make money is if you simply didn't do it.

That's because your income with this model is not based on your site's performance (or speculation).

It's based on the actual market value of a site built & initially promoted to the buyer's ideal specifications.

Now, there's probably a lingering question in your mind as you're reading this right now, and I'm guessing it may be this...


"But Doesn't It Make More Sense Just to Keep The Sites Yourself...

Building Up an Ever-Growing Passive Income As You Build More and More Sites Each Month?"

"If You Sell Them - You're Back to Square One, Right?"


Unfortunately, No It Does Not.


Because Every Site You Build And Promote Has a Shelf-Life, and the Clock Starts Ticking The Moment it Goes Live...

Because every site that relies on organic traffic "peaks" and then fades.

Traffic & earnings slowly fall until eventually the site "flatlines", getting only minimal traffic - a very weak shadow of its former self.

And the reason why this happens is because of the unavoidable promotional neglect that your sites will suffer from as you continue to build more and more new sites.

The "glass ceiling" of organic marketing.

This is the reality that hides behind all the hype of "free" search engine traffic, affiliate marketing with mini-sites and all the other related stuff that gets promoted in the marketing world. And anyone who's honest with you is going to tell you the same thing.

Here's What Really Happens When You Stop Promoting
a So-Called "Passive Income" Content Site...

This is what the inevitable "fade" looks like in terms of traffic trends and earnings screenshots. And this is definitely something you won't see being advertised by the so-called "gurus" in the SEO industry...

Here's a site that went from about 700 visitors a day at its peak, fading down to basically nothing...

How the Mighty Have Fallen:

Now Let's Look at an Entire Batch of FOUR Sites Running Adsense...
Sites at 6 Months of Age
Sites at 9 Months of Age

Now - the only traditional way to avoid the inevitable drop-off after the site "peaks" is to:

1) Keep promoting it, buiding links, adding content, etc., and

2) Build an actual business around it, working a newsletter, launching your own products, managing affiliates, etc.

That's all fine and dandy and it's something that is a natural progression that you should be doing in markets where you want to build a real presence.

But there is a very definite LIMIT to how many sites you can personally have like that. And it goes without saying that building up an actual authority site (or business) is no small endeavour. And it has to be profitable in and of itself.

You definitely can't count on your "exit strategy" when you're delving into a 6-month plus project...

It's hard enough to keep up with the continual promotion, customer support, new content creation, list communications, affiliate management and market research that you need to stay on top of when you build just ONE authority site like that in a market.

Now try doing that simultaneously with 10 sites. (Welcome to "email hell" and "not having a life"...)

Let alone 50+ sites.

It's simply not feasible, nor is it logical. You can't keep up with promoting every site you've ever built. You'll very quickly reach a point of diminishing returns, as well as reach your own personal limits of time, management abilities and in general your mental health.

Which brings us to the big question that you'll face eventually in your online career...

"Do I keep on continually building volumes of mini-sites to attempt to compensate for my previous sites' shelf-life, or do I "bet the farm" and focus on ONE main market?"

Both have their advantages:

Building one mini-site after the next is easy, the results come quick and it's very simple to repeat. The drawback is that it's a treadmill, since every site has a shelf-life, and they won't continue to generate revenue consistently. You hit the glass ceiling fairly quick.

In addition, you won't make real money with this until you become skilled at marketing & keyword research.

Building "real" authority sites (a business) can be very profitable and rewarding. The thing is though - you have to know what you're doing as a marketer, otherwise it won't pay off. It's also a TON of work, and the results don't come quickly - it can take a very long time to build momentum. I recommend this eventually in proven markets, but definitely NOT if you're just starting out.

But as you can clearly see, it's a trade off.

Building lots of mini-sites is easy and repeatable, but you'll always be fighting to maintain your "peak" income.

Building "real" authority sites is speculative, time-intensive, hard work - and only for experienced marketers.

Now This is Where the Profit Loophole Model
Really Starts to Shine...

We've taken a realistic look at the two different "online paths" that you can take, and compared their strengths and weaknesses. You can definitely do well with either approach, so long as you realize the nature of what's involved, and what's required in terms of skill level.

But the reason why I call it the "Profit Loophole" is because it operates with the simplicity of the "mini-site" model, and yet you'll end up making many times more money per site by selling them instead of holding them - according to the formula.

Furthermore, it's a way of securing guaranteed income, even if your sites end up earning you nothing (or next to it)...

This is what makes the business model so ideal for newbies. Because it's dependable, consistent income based on the market value of a specific kind of site. Even as a worst-case scenario, you still make money even if your sites do not.

Simple and repeatable.

Zero speculation.

Guaranteed money based on a site's market value even if it's earned zilch.

In fact - in a very real sense...

It's Like Flipping Burgers - But Getting The Paycheck of an Executive...

Now that's what I call a loophole :-)

So let's take a look at some of my results with the Profit Loophole, as well as a side-by-side performance comparison of what it looks like to be making money traditionally with mini-sites VS. using the 'Loophole...

Examples of My Results:

I'm going to show you a few screenshots that are earnings from using this method and only this method.

These first 2 screenshots cover approximately a 90 day period from August 1 2007 though the end of November 2007...



That's almost $38,000 in earnings over a 90 day period, with very little cost involved.

OK, so you're asking - "Why are you showing me screenshots from 2007?"

Good question -

One reason is that I started creating this course in 2007. Another reason is that in December 2007 I had another major venture that was launched using that same paypal account, that had a lot of transactions per day. It would make for some pretty congested screenshots, and still would to this day in Mid 2009.

And finally, a further reason is that I now deal with a very specific group of people who pay me via direct bank transfers and not through paypal (usually cuts down on transfer costs, and there's less risk of potentially having PayPal freeze accounts and so on based on large amounts of money movement – which does happen, by the way, and there's plenty of horror stories all over the web about that...)

I also have used for many of my transactions - here is another screenshot from April 2008, of 2 deals that used exactly what I am going to teach you.

Another $23,000 in earnings over a 3 day period...

And keep in mind that this is just a handful of examples of sites being sold.

I have sold over 500+ sites, and I have never once had a site I've listed for sale that didn't move.

And the vast majority of my sites sell in the first 24 hours, because of they way I build and sell them...

Alright, so there's a brief snapshot of what my escrow account and PayPal account look like when I use this business model.

It's consistent, it's formulaic - and the paydays really start to add up, fast.

But what if we compare this model to the traditional "build and hold" model. What does it look like then?

Is it really worth it to sell all these sites, instead of holding on to them and letting the residual profits build up?

Well - let's do a realistic comparison based on the averages that I have seen personally from building literally thousands upon thousands of small, monetized content sites for over a decade.

(Again, ask anyone who's been in the content-site business for a year or more, and if they're honest with you - they'll confirm these averages...)


Head to Head Comparison:

Creating & Keeping Mini-Sites


Using The Profit Loophole


Let's see who wins - check out the video for a realistic comparison:

The Profit Loophole wins - by over TWO TIMES the traditional earnings!

And this is comparitive. Whether your sites earn more or less, the ratio will remain roughly the same based on the market value of the sites themselves.

AND - this was assuming that we could only sell sites that had an earnings history. (Even though in reality, you can make a great profit by selling a particular kind of site even if it's made nothing).

The fact is that if you're only "building, promoting once and holding" one site after the next, pretty soon you reach the point of diminishing returns where you're simply maintaining results - constantly having to produce, produce and produce in order to compensate for your sites that start fading.

However, with the Profit Loophole business model, you're literally making DOUBLE the income just by selling off the sites at the correct time, whilst your inventory of remaining sites in queue for being sold are constantly running at maximum capacity.

Let me say that again:

In addition to selling off parts of your site inventory when they can fetch the highest possible price - your remaining sites (waiting to be sold) are always running at maximum capacity.

With the exception of the most recent additions.

This way you are always maximizing your sites as assets, and reaping the full benefit of their value. Virtually none of the sites in your inventory will have started fading yet.

And that brings me to two very important points that you need to realize, whether you use the Profit Loophole business model or not...

The 3 Unavoidable "Rules" of Website Value

Whether you want to hear this or not...

1) Every Site is Actually An ASSET. Much like real estate.

2) A Site Is Most Valuable BEFORE It Starts to "Fade"

3) Once a Site's Performance Has Begun Fading, That Site Is Instantly Worth Considerably Less.

Selling a site while its traffic & revenue are climbing (or stable) is what you want to do.

If you try selling a site whose stats are continually fading - it's like selling a house that USED to be oceanfront, and now it's in the industrial district.

It will still sell, but for nowhere near as much as it would have when it was "oceanfront"...

So it's very important to follow the right system that takes advantage of all these factors - along with knowing what kinds of sites to build, how to sell them for maximum profit, and how to effectively scale this up.

So that you can - if you want - go from "job replacement" income by doing everything yourself, to making serious money by scaling.

And that's exactly what the Profit Loophole is...

• Exactly what kinds of sites to build, and in what types of markets

• Exactly how to promote those sites for minimum cost or time - but with maximum results

• Exactly how to sell your sites, and to who - and...

• Exactly how to turn a simple "anyone can do it" process into a dependable, take-it-to-the-bank income.

In fact, let's talk about exactly what I cover in this course as I completely expose the Profit Loophole business model...


Let's Take a Closer Look At How You Can Start
Doing This Yourself - Even As a Complete Newbie...


If you've read this far, I'm guessing this has you at the very least "intrigued".

And that's good...

But before I start getting into the details of what I'm offering, let me just state something upfront:

This is The Real Deal -

Which Means it is NOT For Dreamers!

This is not a "get rich quick" scheme.

Nor is it a "tactic" or some kind of trick for making money quickly.

This is a leveraged business model that requires time and effort - either your own, or that of your team (if you're in a position to start outsourcing this process).

Even though it's very lucrative, and much more profitable than making money with content sites the traditional way - it still requires motivation, self-discipline and adherence to the formula.

Now - that said, even conservatively speaking you can do this (as a complete beginner) if you put in even 20 hours a week of your own time. That's about 4 hours a day if you take the weekends off, or about 2.5 hours a day if you do this over the weekends as well.

No, maybe that's not as "exciting" as making "$40,000 a second" with the latest hyped up product launch about "easily mastering" virtually impossible skills (that even the marketers of the product themselves can barely do, if at all)...

But unlike all the rest - this is realistic, and it DOES NOT DEPEND ON THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR SITES.

Which is something that is very important to consider if you have yet to make anything other than chump-change online...

On top of that, this is a business model that can very realistically create a reliable, full-time income - even if you're a beginner - in as little as 5 months from now, by working just 20 hours a week.

So that's:

• A very realistic & formulaic way of earning a full-time income solely from online activities.

Work from anywhere you can drag your computer, and on your own time.

• Does not solely depend on the results that your sites generate. Though obviously you can sell sites that earn money for more money, every site built according to my specifications can be sold for an amount that more than justifies your time to build it - regardless if it earns a cent or not.

• Even conservatively speaking, you'll be putting in HALF of the hours to make a good living as you would with a regular JOB. And on top of that, nobody else is in charge of your income. You are, and you can build/sell as many sites as you choose.

Still with me?


Now let's take a detailed look what I'll be teaching you...

Inside The Profit Loophole

The Profit Loophole really leaves little to the imagination.

Something I like about this business model a lot is that - similar to assembling IKEA furniture - it's really just a matter of following the steps, even though the process may not be "instant".

But the results are consistently the same if you just do this. Which is why for newbies, this is absolutely something you need to seriously consider doing, at least for the first while in your online career.

The process itself is made up of Three Phases...

1. The "Lather" Phase

2. The "Rinse" Phase

3. The "Repeat" Phase

Let's take a closer look at each phase of the formula...

PHASE 1: The Lather

The “Lather” is basically the AdSense process as most people know it, with one big exception:

When the sites are built according to my methods, they'll vastly outperform 99% of sites out there trying to make some cash with AdSense.


Because of the type of content, the layout and a few other proprietary factors.

Also, my exact process will ensure that your sites do NOT appear to be “made for AdSense”, which is basis for the termination of your account, or at the very least the deactivation of your URL in the AdSense program...

It's also a formulaic, “never fail” approach to building links (for free) and getting traffic using a proprietary system of leveraging certain authority sites and other online resources to maximize the “punch” and staying-power of your linking efforts.

Here's a quick preview of what I cover in
Phase 1...

» Why finding profitable niche markets is brain-dead simple - and why anyone who says otherwise is either lying, uninformed (or a moron).

» The most profitable AdSense topics - some of which pay several dollars a click - are not what you may think... and that's a good thing since there's thousands of markets like this, with very little competition - perfect for building Profit Loophole sites...

» Why most people (even so-called experts) completely suck at keyword research and get it totally wrong - as well as how to easily dig up the most profitable keywords in any market (in seconds) that will equate to some very easy traffic for minimal effort.

» The TRUTH about "long-tail" keywords, and how to create sites that will easily get traffic from thousands of them... and no, you don't have to "target" each one individually...

» How to pick domains that search engines FAVOR, as well as how to make sure that the domain has "curb appeal" for its future buyers.

(A very important thing to know, since this is actually a huge factor in how "sellable" your site may be - and it has just as much to do with how you register the domain as it does with what the domain name is itself...)

» How to create content that Google actually rewards. Forget everything you've learned about "keyword density", and all the so-called SEO "tricks". It's 2009, folks - and that stuff is from the stone age.

What works today is much different than what worked even 3 years ago...

» Site layouts that work like "magic" to maximize AdSense revenue. My sites are pretty simple, if a bit on the "boring" side, but my CTR rates (and revenue) are consistently great.

I show you exactly how I set up my content, where I place my ads, what ad size to use - everything. This is stuff that I've learned over a decade - and from building literally thousands of sites.

» IMPORTANT: I show you the simple 30-second modifications I add to my AdSense sites so that Google doesn't BAN them...

This is absolutely crucial - Google does not want you to build sites that it deems are "made solely for AdSense". In most cases, if a reviewer finds a site like this, they will deactivate your URL from the program (making it essentially useless and non-sellable).

And in some cases, they may even ban you from the AdSense program - which you obviously do not want. So this is very, very important.

» When to "turn on" the AdSense code on your site. Hint - it's not when it first goes live... (and there's a very good reason for this).

» My EXACT backlinking formula from start to finish. This is my entire, complete process for building a rock-solid, totally untraceable "spider web" of backlinks to my sites that will skyrocket my site's traffic in a small number of weeks...

All of these links are "guaranteed" (meaning that the moment you post them they are live - no begging or "link trades").

All of these links are from huge, established authority sites that Google loves, and spiders hourly. Once you do this, your site will have a very solid foundation of quality links that will secure organic traffic - as well as make it very attractive to buyers.

Oh - and did I mention that all of this costs NOTHING? As in $0.00. Zilch. No "feeder blogs", no extra domains or C-classes - nothing.

And that's just a small sampling of what I cover in Phase 1.

In fact, doing the steps in Phase 1 alone can actually yield some pretty nice results for you.

And if you're already at the intermediate level and can handle promoting affiliate programs, then let me make you a guarantee - you will have several "aha" moments as I show you my in-depth keyword sourcing strategies, as well as my completely formulaic FREE link-building operations...

Not to brag or anything, but those parts of Phase 1 in particular will be easily recognizable as proprietary information coming straight from a veteran SEO who has built and promoted several thousand websites over the past decade.

In other words - you haven't heard it like this before - rest assured...


Okay - before we get into Phase 2 below, I need to address something that may be on your mind right now...

"Why are you just talking about monetizing the sites with AdSense?"

"What about Affiliate Programs - can't I make more money pushing affiliate products (or CPA programs)?"

The answer is that once you know what you're doing - of course, affiliate programs are generally much more lucrative on a site by site basis. But that takes some trial, error and in general some hard-learned experience.

It can also be more time-intensive, since you have to find products that convert well, in addition to nailing down an effective presell process (which sometimes is not simply "linking to the merchant").

In contrast: What's great about monetizing your sites with AdSense (especially for newbies) is that - as long as you simply follow my formula for choosing topics, creating content and placing your ads in specific locations in your template - the revenues are brainless and entirely repeatable across hundreds of thousands of topics.

It simply does not work like that with affiliate programs or CPA (lead generation).

There is far less learning curve using AdSense - and to be honest, if you simply follow my formula for choosing markets, your sites will generally do quite well on a daily basis anyway.

And if you are a more advanced marketer, then feel free to use affiliate programs to monetize some or all of your site inventory - if you know what you're doing you can certainly do very well by selling sites with high earnings.

Regardless - remember that the Profit Loophole is all about site value as an asset.

Not necessarily, or entirely based on, its actual earnings.

Okay, let's move on to Phase 2...


PHASE 2: The Rinse

The “Rinse” is where the real money gets made – plain and simple...

No matter how well your sites may be doing in terms of traffic & revenue, you can rest assured that if you're not updating the site's content or continuing to build links to the site – your traffic (and revenue) will start to fade over time – with very few exceptions.

This creates a “ceiling” for you, since no matter how many sites you build, there will only be a certain amount of them that are running at “full capacity” at any given time – simply because it's not feasible (financially or logically) to continually maintain and promote a large, ever-increasing volume of “mini-sites”.

We defeat this “ceiling” by selling the site when it's reached it's “prime” - thereby cashing out before the site starts to inevitably fade at some point, and generating a ton of upfront capital as a result.

And this Phase is where the “Loophole” makes its largest impact – enabling you to earn much more money for exactly the same amount of effort as it takes to build sites and “hold” them.

I'm talking about multiplying your income just by using the Loophole, and nothing else.

Here's a quick preview of what I cover in
Phase 2...

» Exactly WHEN to sell a site. Remember how I compared this to selling real estate a few minutes ago?

The fact is - timing is everything. Sell too early, and you're selling an site for less than it's worth. Sell too late - after the results start to "fade" - and your sale price will plummet.

My precise, time-tested formula shows you exactly when to sell a site based on certain variables. Ignore at your own peril, and you'll likely end up with a story like this...

» SHOCKING EXAMPLE: How I Lost Exactly $325,000 By Selling a Site Too Late... this was early on in my site-flipping career, and let's just say that after this happened I became very serious about developing a formula for selling my sites at maximum value...

In this case - my loss is truly your gain. (Still bitter about that one, actually... so let's move on...)

» How to PRICE a site. Believe it or not, this is actually very technical and precise - even though it may seem like a "volatile" commodity.

How someone prices a site will instantly identify them as either a serious seller... or someone who's clueless, or stupid - or both.

I reveal my exact pricing formulas, as well as the minimum price you should ever accept based on various factors.

This is information that has "developed itself" over the years (and from selling 500+ sites) in order to maximize revenue and inventory movement.

» How to PRICE a site with NO earnings history - or with next to no earnings. This is surprisingly easy to do, and it comes down to 2 main factors.

It's not as "hard and fast" as pricing a site that does have earnings - but I show you a very simple way to logically justify a price point, which many serious buyers will gladly accept.

I've sold sites that have earned next to nothing for several thousand dollars. You can as well, IF you know what people buy...

» WHERE to Sell Your Sites. There are 2 main marketplaces, but the most potent "buyer pool" will be from previous buyers - which is a private "rolodex" that will build naturally for you over time.

I will explain exactly how to find, contact and follow-up with these buyers. And I'm talking about the serious players.

» HOW To Write Your Ad. In addition to my "boilerplate" marketplace sale listing (and my live critique video) - I also explain why each section of the ad is very important, and crucial if you want to attract serious buyers.

If you do this my way, your site will sell - and you'll be instantly recognized as someone who knows what they're doing. As opposed to someone who is ignored.

Note: Phase 2 does have some "overlaps" with Phase 3 (for obvious reasons), so for the sake of simplicity - on this page - I've summarized the mechanics of the Profit Loophole in the Phase 2 preview, while previewing the scaling strategies in Phase 3.

Alright - that said, now let's talk about how to scale this up and make some serious cash...


PHASE 3: The Repeat

Finally, the “Repeat” is how to scale this process and repeat it indefinitely. In doing so, you can pretty much choose your income.

Here I talk about how to effectively sell sites in mass, how to maximize your take on each sale, and so on.

Here's a quick preview of what I cover in
Phase 3...

» How to "Bundle" Sites For Maximum Profit - and believe it or not, it's possible to make more money doing this than selling each one individually...

» Building Your Buyer's List - In time, this is where basically all of your sales will come from. When the sites in your inventory hit their "sale trigger", you simply send out a group email to your buyers, and they'll be gone in a matter of hours.

I explain how to do this correctly. The heavy-hitters will only work with a certain type of seller - and I show you exactly how to "be" this. (A lot of it comes down to your actual transfer processes and response time - the "nuts and bolts"...)

» How to Outsource Everything - If there was ever a "slam dunk" outsourcing activity that was virtually guaranteed to transform "small money into big money" - this is it.

I even include resources you can give to your freelancers that explain the entire content-writing process, as well as promotion task checklists.

If you can build and sell 5 sites a month personally, there is no reason why you can't eventually scale up to selling 50 sites a month by leveraging others.

At which stage we are talking about some serious cash-flow...

Obviously, the Repeat Phase is what makes this all work when it comes to building a consistent, ongoing and comfortable full-time income with the Profit Loophole.

It's the final piece of the puzzle, and in terms of "learning curve" it may actually be the easiest - simply because it's more about choice than it is about formulas, technical stuff or skill. It's also about simply treating your group of buyers properly - which will become the pillar of your business over time.

Regardless, by the time you come to the end of "Stage 3" in the Profit Loophole Guide, your options will be clear to you, in regards to how you decide to move forward.


Whether you plug the Profit Loophole into your existing operations for an "extra kick" with some of your current or ongoing inventory...

...or whether you dive into it head on, going full time solely by building simple little 10-page sites, selling them - and making a consistent full time income in the process - the formula is the same.

And the choice is yours.

No matter what - The Profit Loophole WILL multiply your overall earnings from ANY site that will inevitably be neglected in terms of promotion. Even if those sites earn nothing.

If you've seen enough - and you simply want to check this out ASAP, you can access The Profit Loophole right here

OR - keep reading to see what else I'm offering...


BONUS Tools & Resources

For Starting & Succeeding With the Profit Loophole...

And don't worry - these are a far cry from the usual vomit-inspiring "bonuses" you normally see in this industry.

These will greatly help to accelerate your results and save you precious time - especially if you are a relative newbie...


LIVE, Comprehensive Webinar With Me (Dave Kelly)

Yep, that's right...

Grill me with questions for as long as you like - and you can optionally submit your questions or queries beforehand as well, prior to the webinar.

Chris Rempel will also be on the call as well to facilitate conversation and add some input where applicable.

We'll be hosting (and recording) this a few weeks after the "doors" open to the public so that you have time to start implementing the strategy first (so that we can answer very relevant questions or help to resolve issues someone may be facing).

Depending on the initial webinar, we may do this multiple times to ensure that everyone who's accessed the Profit Loophole strategy has a clear grasp on how it works and what they need to do.

We will also answer questions related to any aspect of the Profit Loophole course, such as building links, effectively generating revenue with AdSense and affiliate sites, market selection, etc.

This alone - direct "no holds barrred" access to established full-time marketers - is worth many times more than your investment today if you're "stuck" and need actual expert advice or input...

Note: You don't have to attend the webinar "live". You can just submit your question via the web-form on the download area for Profit Loophole, and we'll send you the recording in MP3 format after the fact. Every unique question will be addressed.



20 Of My Most-Profitable AdSense Niche Markets...

Well, this is a fairly straight forward bonus.

It's a complete exposition of 20 of the most profitable AdSense markets I've ever discovered, or stumbled into - along with the exact keyword targets that will provide the highest "earnings per click" ratio on average.

If you build a site with good, unique content in these markets, place your AdSense ads according to my suggested layout and follow my simple (FREE) link-building process... would be a cold day in hell if those sites didn't make you a NICE chunk of change.

And no, if "everyone does this" it won't be diluted. These niches are massive, with many subtopics.

If you don't see the value in that - check your pulse...



Swipe All My Outsourcing Templates, Job Postings, Etc...

Once again, this is quite self-explanatory.

It includes:

• Detailed videos you can give directly to your freelancers

• The exact job posting I use to find good people on places like Elance, etc.

• Task sheets (checklists) you can have your freelancers use to ensure that my precise promotional formula is followed exactly - ensuring that your sites are well established and seen as a quality site by Google...

These things are simply a hassle to do on your own.

Might as well just give you the stuff I've already had to develop previously to save you time...



Access to My Own "Buyers List"

Listen up, because this is huge...

Over the years I've established relationships with numerous buyers in the site marketplace, many of which are serious players who either have, or represent, serious investment capital.

And since most of my "regulars" are people who really (and literally) can't buy enough of the sites that are built according to my specifications - they would gladly buy sites from other people, so long as they passed my inspection.

So what I'm willing to do for people who take this seriously and follow my blueprint to the letter - is essentially act as a broker (for no commission) to my "heavy hitters list", and get your first batch of sites sold fast.

Important: This is pending an inspection of your site(s), and verification of your stats/earnings.

Time Sensitive: For logistical and logical reasons - I can only offer this to a limited number of people who get on this quickly, and have sites (or batches of sites) built to my exact specifications laid out in the Profit Loophole. I'll remove this bonus from this page when this is no longer available...


Before we go any farther - I need to make something very clear:

What I'm Making Available Here Is a
Proprietary & Complete Business Model

This is NOT a "marketing course", nor does it try to be one.

I have spent many years perfecting, crafting and modifying my site valuation formulas, my repeatable promotion formulas... site layouts and monetization method, my site-selling process and inventory management ("sell-off") protocols - and everything else that makes this actually work.

And that is what I have documented, in its entirety.

I didn't add "filler".

Nor did I embellish anything beyond the facts of what I have seen with my own results; my own hard-learned experience.

This is my exact process for earning a very substantial income from activities that would only traditionally generate a fraction of that.

And it still works just as effectively as it always has - and will continue to do so, since sites that are built to my specifications (which is simply based on what the buyers want) will always be in demand.

So if you're looking for hours of "entertainment" and "escapism" - I'm sorry - but this simply isn't going to do it for you. Go and buy a $2000 taped-seminar "course" with 5,000 hours of DVD content, half of which is presell fodder for ridiculously high priced coaching programs. Have fun.

But - if you're serious about actually seeing results online and working towards a realistic goal of quitting your job so you can work for yourself in a few months time...

And if you see the value in getting access to a complete exposition, unveiling and explanation of absolutely everything I do to make this work...

Then keep reading...


Wanna Know How Much It Normally Costs to Use Somebody Else's SPECIALIZED, Proven & Well-Oiled Business Model?


Let's take the popular chain fast-food posterchild SubWay®, for example...

It costs $15,000 just to initiate your agreement with them. In addition, they require that you have anywhere from $150,000 to $220,000 or so in secured capital before you can even think about starting up.

And then on top of that, they take a healthy 8% royalty from all of your sales. And I can just imagine how much profit margin we're dealing with for a freakin' $5 sub.

Now with that in mind - that's actually one of the more reasonable franchises to start up - rated as America's top franchise opportunity.


Oh - and don't forget, you'll also be paying for and managing about 6 employees, dealing with an expensive lease, equipment costs, and on and on.

And that reminds me...


Aside From The Minimal Expense Incurred by Hosting, Domain Costs and Site Listing Fees (When Selling) -

There Are ZERO Additional or Required Costs to Use the Profit Loophole.



Kind of puts things in perspective - doesn't it?

The only costs you'd ever incur is when, or if, you decide to outsource or automate some of the tasks in time as your cash-flow increases. And that is it.

Furtheremore, this isn't some complex business that will ruthlessly take over your life with an endless amount of responsibilities, management and check-balancing.

This is a simple, profitable business that you can do on your own time.

Even in your spare time.

(And you saw my part time results - right? Practically a six-figure income, just from doing this alone, part time).

I'm not guaranteeing that you'll see similar results. That depends on you.

But what I am guaranteeing is that pound for pound, compared to traditional site-building (and definitely compared to a traditional "brick & mortar" operation), the Profit Loophole the simplest way to make the most amount of money online consistently that doesn't depend on your actual marketing results.

And it costs virtually nothing to get started...

Which brings me to the price.

Tell me...

What would you rather have:

A Few Video Games?


The ONLY Blueprint That Even a Newbie Could Follow to Realistically Generate a Full-Time Online Income...

Frankly speaking, this is something I probably should have "reframed" into a much more expensive home-study course, or maybe even one of those $3,000 a seat seminars.

It would easily fetch that with the higher earners in the industry. There's a lot of people who would pay big money JUST to see a viable site-flipping strategy, because to many of them it would mean an increase of profits by the hundreds of thousands. And perhaps in some cases, by the millions.

And that's what this is - and so much more.

However, my true intent with this project was to make it accessible for newbies.

For people who could really use this strategy to actually make some financial progress with a simple, easy to follow online model, that doesn't require them to be a marketing genius...

I truly don't want to dilute the power of my business model by just giving it away for peanuts. That would be stupid, and in the end it would likely end up hurting the overall industry.

With that said - I have decided to make everything available for just $147.00

That's a one-time payment, and there's no "surprises" on the other end. You simply get access to everything I just described. No surprises - No BS.

That will deter the "tire kickers" while still being very accessible to serious, motivated beginners.

And on top of that...

The Profit Loophole Is Guaranteed:

If You Don't Profit - I Don't Want Your Money...

If you follow the simple, straight-forward steps laid out in my blueprint, price your sites accordingly and sell them according to my system - there is virtually no way you won't make money.

I can't guarantee that you'll "get rich" or replace your job, but I can guarantee that this works, and it can create very consistent, reliable income.

However, if this system just doesn't seem feasible for you - then just let me know within a full 60 days of your investment today, and I'll cheerfully refund your money on the spot.

No hard feelings - and we part as friends...

Ready to get started?

Ready to see some real, dependable and consistent results - and not just another "pipe-dream"?

Get Complete Access Right Now...

To The Web's Simplest, Most Consistent Business Model

That Doesn't Depend On Your Own Site's Results:

Here's exactly what you're about to receive:

• My complete, play-by-play exposition of everything I do to make this work. No holds barred. No embellishment. I simply recorded my exact process for making way more money than I ever should have based on using the Profit Loophole model...

This part of the blueprint is an 88-page PDF document with absolutely zero filler.

• TEN in-depth videos that discuss every major part of the business model in complete detail. In fact, one of those videos is the first in a series of an...

• Actual LIVE Case Study showcasing an actual site of mine that is in the process of maturing, and will be sold shortly. More videos will be added (and announced) as the revenue grows, and when it sells at the "trigger point".

• LIVE Webinar Session With Me Directly - Grill me with anything you want. I'll answer and address every unique question that's put forward. You can either ask during the webinar OR beforehand, by submitting your question online. Also - I'll be recording this, so you don't have to sit through the actual event if you don't want to...

• 20 of My Most Profitable Adsense Niches - These markets payout very well consistently, and there's endless amounts of content you can create within them. This is a no-brainer.

• My Outsourcing Swipe-File - When it comes time to scale up and start turning over massive amounts of revenue, then these will save you boatloads of time...

Click Here to Access Everything

For Just $147.00 USD

Immediately Available for Download - In PDF and Flash Video Format

By placing an order you verify that you have read, understand & agree to our disclaimer & earnings disclaimer

We accept all major credit cards & Paypal via Clickbank® - the web's most trusted retailer of digital products.


Well folks, this is the part where the rubber meets the road...

You obviously know your situation a lot better than I do, but all I can say is that if you have yet to see any real results from your online efforts...

...or if it just seems too complicated, or too speculative to make good money with things like affiliate marketing (which can be quite challenging at first, even for experienced marketers)... or with PPC... or with any traditional internet marketing strategy...

Then you need to be honest with yourself.

Is it realistic to expect that your situation will actually change a few months from now?

Do you honestly think that you'll be able to finally "make the jump" from part-time marketing, to actually quitting your job and having a flexible life schedule on your terms?


Are you ready to start doing something that will actually start turning over a respectable, workable income - an income that will show your spouse, or your friends (and yourself) that all that time spent sitting in front of the screen isn't just being "wasted on a pipe dream"?

Just take a moment to consider these things.

In my experience, only a very SMALL percentage of people who try going full-time online actually do so - simply because as a newbie - traditionally - you literally do have to get lucky.

I'm not kidding.

99% of newbies don't understand how to sell effectively (in any market), which is why they fail. It's really that simple. And yes, that comes with experience and eventually - if you persevere and stick through the hard times - you will "get it". But it's hard-learned and hard-earned.

There are no shortcuts. Traditionally.

The only REAL "shortcut" that exists and is viable for newbies is being able to sell low-performing sites for several times more than they're currently making - over and over again, consistenlty.

Hence... it literally is the Profit Loophole...

So it's time for a reality check:

You Can Keep On "Chasing the Dream"...

OR - You Can Do Something SOLID That Can Actually, Realistically Free You From Your Job

It's Your Call...

Get Instant Access to the ONLY Legitimate Online "Profit Loophole" - Right Now

Immediately Available for Download - In PDF and Flash Video Format


In closing - and whether you end up getting the Profit Loophole or not - I'd just like to leave you with a personal word of encouragement, and a challenge...

I've been in the search marketing / online marketing business for over a decade. And in "online years", that practically makes me a dinosaur.

I've seen every imaginable trend, trick and "supertool" emerge over the years in this industry (and sometimes multiple times). Most of them have had at least some merit. A handful were nothing more than nicely-dressed scams. And even fewer were genuine strategies that truly got my attention.

But there is ONE "strategy" that supercedes absolutely everything else that has ever been "launched", talked about or sold in any capacity. It's what seperates the earners from the dreamers - and the successful, fulltime marketers from those who just can never seem to make things work...

And that strategy is this:

Having a plan and sticking to it.

It doesn't matter what you do. You can be utilizing the simplest of the simple (such as the Profit Loophole) or the most advanced, technically intensive mass-scale SEO strategy on earth. You will only succeed if you plan, act and follow through.

It ain't rocket-science, folks.

What works, what makes money - how other people make fortunes online - the process for these things is all around you. Everywhere you look. (Just look at any major site in virtually any market). There's no mystery.

The only variable that truly determines if you will succeed online - or not - is YOU.

So if you've been struggling with actually seeing results, then I'd encourage you to honestly evaluate your situation, and ask yourself...

"Do I Actually Have a Realistic Online Plan?"

and, if so -

"Have I Been Sticking To It?"

"Or Have I Simply Been STALLING by 'Perfecting', Endlessly Researching, and in General - Procrastinating?"

Only you know the answer to that question.

But I can guarantee you - without any doubt - that if you don't have an effective plan - or if you simply have not been sticking to that plan - then there is no logical way that you can succeed.

Is there?

My challenge to you is to GET a working plan that suits your skill level, and actually STICK to it until you see results.

No more dreaming, no more procrastination and no more excuses.

Get a plan. Stick to it. Succeed.

I wish you the very best, whatever your decision may be today...


Dave Kelly
Veteran SEO

Get Instant Access to the ONLY Legitimate Online "Profit Loophole" - Right Now

Immediately Available for Download - In PDF and Flash Video Format


"... the best-performing website I've ever made ..."

"I'm the guy who was chomping at the bit to put AdSense on my 5-day old Profit Loophole site. Well, I'm glad I did. It's now been 2 weeks since it went online, and in the past 7-days my AdSense income totaled $5.76, or an average 82-cents per day. And my traffic numbers keep climbing day by day.

Maybe that's not a lot to some people, but thanks to your guidance, this looks like it's going to be the best-performing website I've ever made, and I've been doing "bum marketing" for several years."

Robert Scheer


"... Profit Loophole is the first I've ever purchased that made me $990 within an hour ..."

"I buy stacks of Make Money Online products to review on my blog but Profit Loophole is the first I've ever purchased that made me $990 within an hour of reading it! A brilliant business model Dave, thanks for sharing."

Adrian C.


"I have never purchased any product as good and as honest as Profit Loophole ..."

"Honestly, I have never purchased any product as good and as honest as Profit Loophole. I am really satisfied with my purchase. What you outline is a real online business journey and not overnight riches hype."...

Jamal Yosuff

Get Instant Access to the ONLY Legitimate Online "Profit Loophole" - Right Now


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