Saturday, March 12, 2011

Apple released iPad 2

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Apple released iPad 2

    Apple released today to consumers anytime, anywhere web browsing, e-mail, view photos videos, listen to music, play games, read e-books, and more magical the second generation of mobile devices: iPad 2. iPad 2 with a new design, thinner than the original iPad (33%), lighter (15%), but also offers 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen. Apple iPad 2 equipped with the latest dual-core processor, A5, providing fast performance and excellent graphics capabilities, is now more built-in dual camera: VGA quality camera can be a positive for FaceTime and Photo Booth software, high-definition camera to the back of The HD 720p video recording, so iPad users to enjoy innovative FaceTime first video call. Although lighter, thinner, faster, and increase the new features, iPad 2 is still able to meet the expectations of users, providing 10 hours of battery life *. iPad 2 There are two styles of black and white, into AT & T and Verizon are two versions of 3G networks, but also added an innovative iPad 2 Smart Cover, there are a variety of bright colors to choose from PU and leather material.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "iPad global sales of more than 1 thousand 5 million units, creating a new type of mobile device. When other manufacturers are busy imitating the first generation of iPad, we have prepared the iPad 2 listed, we competition once again raised the threshold, presumably opponents have to return to the draft stage. "

With the new front and back of the camera, iPad 2 and millions of users will now be the iPhone 4, iPod touch and Mac users FaceTime video calls, so long as there is a place where Wi-Fi network, regardless of to the ends of the earth, the user can see the family and friends. In addition, Photo Booth allows you to apply interesting visual effects, a total of eight optional photo effects, such as photos taken before and after the cameras are able to apply the squeeze (Squeeze), rotation (Twirl) and Kaleidoscope (Kaleidoscope) and other special effects .

iPad 2 built-in iOS 4.3 operating system, which is the world's most advanced mobile devices, the latest version of the operating system, new features include: Faster performance of Safari mobile browser, iTunes family to share, AirPlay Enhancements **, iPad side of the switch now rotation can be used to lock the screen or switch mute, use of personal hotspot (Personal Hotspot) feature shared by Wi-Fi to iPhone 4 *** mobile phone connection. In addition, iPad 2 has built-in gyroscope to enhance gaming experience, support HSUPA to increase upload speed 3G (iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G version with AT & T service), support for HDMI video mirroring feature allows users to screen by iPad optional high-definition television display adapter (HDTV).

Innovative iPad 2 Smart Cover can protect the iPad the screen, while maintaining the shape and light weight. iPad 2 Smart Cover can automatically snap to the exclusive use of magnetic-type shaft, disassembly is very easy and can be opened automatically open iPad 2, shutting the machine can automatically sleep inside there microfiber cloth, can be help maintain the screen clean. Smart Cover can also be set into a frame for easy typing or watch videos, and offers a variety of bright colors and PU (Price U.S. $ 39) and leather (price U.S. $ 69) to choose from two materials, in addition to introducing a (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition in red against the HIV virus and AIDS sponsored by the Global Fund.

In addition, Apple also introduced two new iPad specific applications: iMovie for iPad and GarageBand for iPad, please buy the App Store, two models are as long as U.S. $ 4.99 pricing. iMovie allows users to directly iPad iPad 2 on the shooting, editing video, and posted to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and their MobileMe Gallery, but also in the iPod, iPhone, or watch these videos on the iPad, or through AirPlay and Send Apple TV to watch high-definition television. GarageBand allows your iPad Touch transformed into a set of instruments, and 8 track recording studio, allowing you to directly through the multi-touch gestures on the screen playing the keyboard, guitar, drums and bass control, even if you do not play a musical instrument it anyway.

App Store store 350,000 provided by almost all variety of applications running on the iPad 2, of which 65,000 are iPad native variety of applications, the user has 20 categories of applications to choose from, including: games, business, news, sports, medical, reference books, travel and more. iTunes Store is the world's most popular music, TV shows and movies online store, providing a thousand more than 400 million songs, more than 50,000 television shows, 10,000 movies, including more than 3,500 high-definition video included. iPad iBooks specific applications are also integrated Apple's iBookstore store is your mobile device to browse, buy and read books, the best way.

Pricing and market Wi-Fi version of the iPad 2 will be held March 11 in the United States at a suggested price of 16GB model is U.S. $ 499, 32GB model is U.S. $ 599, 64GB model is U.S. $ 699. iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G version of 16GB models suggested retail price is U.S. $ 629, 32GB model is U.S. $ 729,64 GB model is U.S. $ 829. With the Verizon mobile network iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G version will only be available in the U.S., suggested retail price for the 16GB model U.S. $ 629, 32GB model is U.S. $ 729, 64GB model is U.S. $ 829. iPad 2 in the United States will be through the Apple Store (, Apple Guide, and Apple authorized resellers to sell. iMovie and GarageBand iPad two specific applications will be listed on March 11, U.S. $ 4.99 pricing are all, directly from the App Store on the iPad purchase or on / appstore.

iPad 2 will be held March 25 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand , Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, and will also be introduced within the next few months more other countries in the global market. Further international launch date and pricing will be announced later.<