Wednesday, March 24, 2010

60 Daily Trivia (Rocker's World - The Zone 21)

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60 Daily Trivia (Rocker's World - The Zone 21) 1. Eat spicy things, feeling you'd be hot die, go visit the mouth, put a pinch of salt, containing about, spit it out, rinse under the mouth, not spicy in; 2. Teeth yellow, can be included after the peanut in your mouth and chew and brush their teeth for three minutes, it is effective; 3. If a small area of skin damage or burns, scald, cast a little toothpaste, they should immediately stop bleeding pain; 4. Often mounted inside the tea cup of tea to leave unsightly stains, use of toothpaste wash very clean; 5. Upward, and when the point of eye-drops slightly open mouth, so that chaos would not blink an eye; 6. Mouth ulcers, use of vitamin C on the attached Ulcer, etc. It is basically like a melted after the ulcer; 7. The eyes into the small dust, close your eyes cough forcefully several times, the dust will have their own out; 8. After washing the face with a finger stick some thin salt on both sides of the nose gently massage, then rinse with water reuse, blackhead and acne will be cleaned, the pores have become smaller; 9. Just been finished when the mosquito bites, coated with soap will not itch a; 10. If the throat, gingival inflammation, and at night watermelon cut into small pieces, stained with salt to eat, remember that it must be a night when the symptoms will be relieved the next day like a; 11. Hair dryer blowing opposite the label, such as blowing hot glue marks, and can be easily ripped off the tag; 12. Travel with clothes If the fear of pressure from folding, clothes can be rolled into each roll; 13. Hiccups when playing drink vinegar, immediate impact; 14. Ate a smell of things, such as garlic, tofu, eat like a peanut How many pieces; 15. Treatment of cough, especially a dry cough at night before going to sleep, with pure fragrant sesame fried eggs, oil and put slightly more, what seasonings are not placed, still hot eaten went to sleep, ate a few days effect is obvious; 16. Wrists long thick MM would like to take smaller bracelet, you can not hard-belt, should be put on the handle of a plastic bag and then put on bracelets, very good band, do not handle Nong Teng, also removed the same way; 17. Chestnuts hard skin peeling, first shell peeled off, then turn it into the microwave oven look, still hot after a rub out the skin on the lost; 18. Flowers when a drop of detergent in the water drops on, can be maintained for several days; 19. Put into the pot and steam 10 minutes walnut, out on the cold water and then breaking open, you can take out a full-ren Peach; 20. The shrimp into a bowl, add a little salt, edible alkali powder, rub with Shouzhua soaked with water after a while, and then washed with water re-use, that enable the Chao Chu of the shrimp, such as crystal clear, cool tender and delicious; 21. ף ¬ time, first meat soaked in baking soda water, 10 minutes, drained the water, and then tasty, fried them will be very tender and; 22. The remnant of tea a few days immersed in water, pouring in plant roots, can promote plant growth; 23. The residue dried tea leaves and put them into the toilet, or gullies where burning smoke, eliminate odor, has rid the mosquito flies functions; 24. Cooked rice re-pot Brewing: Available within a bundle of chopsticks in the rice more through holes in bottom of the pot, sprinkle a little rice wine into the re-simmered 25. If only the surface of half-cooked, just turn to the middle of the surface can be re-stew; 26. Qiao In addition to screens greasy: The clothes, smoking cigarettes along with the rest placed in the water until dissolved, brought wipe windows, screens, the effect really well; 27. As long as the jewelry box put a small chalk, you can make jewelry and preserve their luster; 28. Tables, bottles with traces of self-adhesive surface can be polished Fengyoujing; 29. When we go out at any time with a small bag of dry batteries, if the skirt with a static, put the battery's positive in the skirt can be removed above the rub a few static; 30. Regardless of where to wear shoes to your feet, you place the foot in the shoes wear a little white wine coated to ensure that no grinding feet; 31. Heng stressed vegetables, if you have to Zhuo, Cheuk good food make the best use of water is best. Dishes such as making dumplings, boiled water is a good amount of meat on the inside, so not only to ensure that nutritious, but also to make delicious soup dumplings stuffing; 32. In the summer easy foot sweating, light salt their feet every day can be effective response to Khan feet; 33. In the summer sun after swimming may prevent skin disorders and other diseases; 34. Summer, damp pillow easy to breed mold, often sun-dried Pillow beneficial health; 35. Eat barley and other small-Beans Congee wet spleen may be heatstroke wet; 36. Anti-Insomnia: talk less about too much before going to bed, then bogey to drink tea, before going to bed Do not Dayong brain, and feet can be hot vinegar; 37. Honeysuckle any evacuation rheumatism effect, honeysuckle and honey cool Qu Zhi decoction can be prepared and Jieshu; 38. Eating fatty foods in the post-tea, can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, promote fat metabolism; 39. Lack of sleep will become stupid and need to sleep eight hours a day, there are napping habits can delay aging; 40. Hands easily become dry and rough hands with vinegar soak 10 minutes to skin; 41. Summer cleaning mat, with the dropping of the water from the toilet water cleaning mat, can maintain a fresh clean air the sleeping mat. Of course, the cleaning is best carried out along the lines summer sleeping mat, toilet water infiltration into the air the sleeping mat in order to crack the lines, so cool and comfortable feel more durable; 42. Breakfast eat tomatoes, citric acid and other acidic fruits and vegetables are conducive to Yanggan; 43. Chill-itch shampoo or bath, add 56 drops in water, toilet water, can play a very good cool sterilization, prickly heat cured anti-itching effect; 44. Grapes sleep secondary hormones, eat it regularly will help sleep; 45. Summer drink tomato soup can get nourishment, but also to add water, tomato soup should be burned and cooled before drinking, contains Lycopene a certain degree of anti-prostate cancer and the efficacy of myocardial protection, the most suitable for men; acid immediately ate tooth brushing damage health; 46. Pengpo skin due to trauma when the wound coated with toothpaste for anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, and then dressing as a temporary first-aid medicine to the most significant effect of drug toothpaste; 47. Will be spraying white vinegar in the cooking plate, put half an hour after washing, not only bactericidal, but also addition to taste; 48. Hangover after drinking yogurt can be irritability, yogurt can protect gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption, and calcium-rich drink to alleviate irritability is particularly effective; 49. Shoes foreskin mold release for a long time when you can use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol-water (1:1) solution can wipe; 50. Headache, dizziness, it would be painted temple toothpaste because toothpaste contains menthol, clove oil can be pain; 51. Candle frozen 24 hours later, and then plug into the birthday cake, lit candles will not shed oil; 52. White underwear washed easily yellowed, it is desirable pot of water, 23 drops of blue ink on the drop will be washed underwear soaked in a quarter of an hour in, do not wring dry, placed the sun, you can clean and white ; 53. Excessive eating raw onion and garlic will stimulate oral gastrointestinal, adverse health, the best food and then add a little vinegar; 54. Timely replenishment of water but it should drink less fruit juice, cola, Sprite, soft drinks and other beverages containing more saccharin and electrolyte drink of gastrointestinal adverse incentives will affect the digestion and appetite. Therefore, in the summer should drink boiled water or light salt (sugar) water; 55. Tofu every morning with the friction face a few minutes, for a month, face becomes very moisturizing; 56. Air-conditioning room temperature not more than five degrees, even though the weather be hot, not air-conditioned room temperature to 24 degrees or below; 57. Plus enzyme detergent agents in warm water for a longer time to decompose so that laundry better effect; 58. In the summer, people's active time longer, sweating and more energy is too large, should be properly more chicken, duck, lean meat, fish, eggs and other nutritious food to meet the body's metabolic needs; 59. Headaches and ground into a pulpy apple painted on the gauze, attached to the headache Department, the symptoms ease; 60. Purses have stains, you can use cotton dipped Fengyoujing wipe.