Wednesday, July 28, 2010

John Bolz died

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John Bolz died in May when his car crashed into an electric pole. He was driving a 2005 Chevrolet when he crashed into a pole and died in the accident. The accident wasn’t harsh enough to actually kill someone but it seems that he was caught in a very bad and critical position during the impact. The incident was truly tragic and the whole nation got suddenly interested in the news.

There is a very strange thing about the way the accident happened. Usually in a situation where a car is found crashed into a pole or tree there is almost always the case of a drunk or disoriented driver who gets swirled out of control due to confrontation with other traffic. In this case there are skid marks on the road indicating the point of the drift. In John Bolz’s case however, there were absolutely no skid marks and according to the investigations the car simply strayed off the road and collided with the pole straight out. This is very weird because this usually happens when something happens to the driver before the accident, like losing consciousness.

It is thus presumed that John Bolz fell asleep while driving his car and collided with the pole. This presumption also supports the fact that the impact hit his critical organs with enough force to kill him, because he wasn’t able to brace himself due to the drowsiness. There are a lot of people at different forums where the news was first published and all paid their respects to John Bolz.


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