Web Development Services

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Need a Web Site or a Web Hosting service? Needed to create a Web site?  Re-Building your Web site? SEO Service? Installing CMS (ex. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) Set-up? Domain Management? Optimizing your web coding? Coding Assistant?

We all can help! All Services are included unlimited Web hosting and unlimited email hosting. Starting from as low as $48.88 a year. Jerry Blogger is not a full time web developer now, but I will still willing to help you. Now I am working for you in my spared time, so I would rather offering free service. Of course, I will not give you a guarantee due date, but still, I will finish projects up in reasonable time. contact me by Email: win7tweaker@gmail.com

Having trouble to get an Adsense account?? We can help you for sure! We are not Adsense staff from Google. We will just give you the correct guideline to improve your website, making sure that you meet the Adsense requirement. Although we can not guarantee 100% that you will get your Adsense account, 100% of our customers get the Adsense Account within three tries!

Contact me by my email: win7tweaker@gmail.com I can talk with you on the phone if you want. My phone number is available but I void putting here for preventing too many unnecessary calls.