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Friday, October 08, 2010

The True Sense of Adsense

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True Sense of Adsense

: The Real tips and Tricks maintain high eCPM and maximize the "Adsense Revenue"

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I found that there is no people could actually explain how to get a good eCPM. Some say increase your traffic of your site, and there is a silly post that removing your pud-ID when the eCPM is low! In my opinion, those are useless tips.

For increasing a website's traffic matter, it is actually every adsense client's major problem. Unless your site has new interesting content everyday, otherwise, it is very hard to keep increasing the traffic all the time.

For the one about remove the pub-ID from the code, I do not know if it is true since I have never tired, of course, it is a pretty big project to remove every page's pub-ID from the ADsense code. Also, it is not effective for adsense user could earn for only every another day.

For those basic knowledge, such as using match colour, using good scale layout and filtering your ADs, i am not going to talk about here, since I believe those are common sense to every Adsense user.

Adsense is a very smart real-time system, it controls what ADs are going to show in your site. The major factor of eCPM that no one is talking about is "link" matter. Both link-in and link-out determine your eCPM. You need to know that the site you linking out or in is "google friendly" or not. For example, sites of micro$oft and f@cebook are not Google friendly sites. Linking to them will lower your eCPM. Even your drive people to your site from them, those vistors will show low value ADs.

On the other hand, linking to  and could maintain a high eCPM. The easilest way to find out if the site is Google friendly is checking out if they are using a google search engine for their site. Clicking your own AD by mistake would seriously effect your eCPM.

Hope this post could tell you some sense of the adsense system.

PS. If you want the full version of the picture, please follow me and I will send it to you.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Info for Webmasters (WEBMASTER TOOLBAR)

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Info for Webmasters (WEBMASTER TOOLBAR):

The Cheapest way to get a Domain:

Submit sitemap to google:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top Money-Making Website: Craiglist (Rocker's World - The Zone 21)

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Top Money-Making Website: Craiglist (Rocker's World - The Zone 21)
Craiglist Top money-making website Craiglist made profits for years now, considering a large increasing part of this particular giant’s revenues is are from sex ads, this is what fresh estimations tell. Specially focusing on prostitution, that is well know to be a very illegal thing in the United States.

Profits are estimated to rise by 22 percent this year, all from sex ads, according to the Advanced Interactive Media Group, which is monitoring the classifieds site already 7 years ago. It furnished estimates of sex-ad revenue, which it based on the number of ads counted on Craigslist during the month of February multiplied by the $10 fee for such ads. Usually does not charge anything, but the site takes in money for sex ads,not to forget certain real estate and job ads.

Not responding to any qustions about this increase in sex-ad revenues. The company which is based in San Francisco which remains to be private, does not disclose its revenues, which AIM Group estimated were $100 million last year based on counting the number of advertisements on sites.
Currently one-third of Craiglist’s expected $122 million in revenues, or more than $36 million, are foreseen to be mainly from sex ads.Because of this the company is seriously questioned.

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