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Tips and Tricks about the text formatting of Google Plus [G+]

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Tips and Tricks about the text formatting of Google+ [G+]

It is not on the help search of Google Plus
Here is the "cheat sheet" for text formatting in G+. Here is in details:

There are three formatting in Google+:

, Italic and Strike

Bold: If you want show any word(s) in text formatting if bold in Google+ , enclose the word(s) with *.

Input: *This text shows in bold*
Output:: This text shows in bolda

Italic: To enclose the text with _ (underscore) to show it in italic format.
Input:  _italic text format_
Output: italic text format

Strike through: Enclose the text with – (dash) to strike through the text.
Example of Strike
Input: -strike-
Output: Strike Through



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