Monday, June 28, 2010

Is Heartbreak Harder on Men or Women? Finally, an Answer

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We can't exactly imagine a guy sitting around with his buddies, eating Ben and Jerry's and venting about his girlfriend drama. Nor can we see him journaling, singing along to Rihanna's "Take a Bow", or Netflixing sappy movies anytime his relationship is on the rocks. But researchers have discovered that heartbreak actually affects guys more than us, and breakups hit them harder too.
Wake Forest University professor Robin Simon studied 1,000 single adults and concluded that a man's mental health takes a beating when he has issues with his significant other. An interesting explanation of why that might happen: When men are going through an emotional rough spot, they often turn to their girlfriend, not their bros. And when things aren't going so well with the GF, he might feel like he has no one to open up to. Also, guys are conditioned to keep emotions bottled up, which can end up making them feel worse and more hopeless.
Do you think breakups are harder on men or women?


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