Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 appliance with long term support

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Ubuntu 10.04 appliance with long term support
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Every two years Ubuntu comes out with a long term supported release and now it is there. This one will be the last Ubuntu with the Gnome 2.x series and its calm and user friendly interface that many people value. Let's see whether Gnome will surprise everyone with its new 3.0 desktop environment or the Gnome team will be surprised because nobody likes it. So far, I think, we can be glad that this LTS version of Ubuntu offers still the accustomed Gnome style.
We also have a new Ubuntu 10.04 appliance with preinstalled VMware Tools. However, in order to keep the changes to the original minimal and the download small, this one is pure. Especially for a long term supported appliance this has also the advantage that it is better updatable. Often the VMware Tools do not work anymore fully after updating multiple times. But if you need shared folders or the other guest system integration features, this appliance can install the current VMware Tools of Workstation 7.0.1 without any compilation glitch.
Please use the torrent file for your download. This is Ubuntu and especially the LTS version puts an enormous bandwidth burden on our server.

What is it Ubuntu 10.04 LTS desktop VMware image
Zip download (699MB)
Username user
Password password
Admin password password
Root password password
Image is for VMware Player 2.5 or greater
Zip file md5 6cddbb6ca22bdacd23c0fee0e8cf087c


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