Thursday, November 18, 2010

H5N1 Case Found in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong women diagnosed with H5N1,which is disappeared 7 years (Economic Daily News) November 18, 2010 Thursday 06:00

Economic Daily News Bulletin in Hong Kong for 7 years extinct avian flu H5N1, a 59-year-old woman returning from the Mainland after the beginning of fever, cough and other symptoms, yesterday confirmed H5N1, in serious cases, pneumonia, last night by the transferred to the Intensive Care Unit Princess Margaret Hospital, Tuen Mun Hospital.

Government level for avian influenza has increased the alert seriously, experts say that is a greater chance of imported cases, yet the crisis is person to person, urged the public to pay attention to Gerenweisheng.

59-year-old woman diagnosed with H5N1, October 23 this year and 60-year-old husband and daughter to the free exercise of form to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing, during his stay in Shanghai, had been admitted to the family's home, during which went to local markets and eating chicken , but no contact with live poultry or to the farm.
Women's 1 November with her husband and daughter returned the next day runny nose, the situation continued to deteriorate, during which music was set to Tuen Mun Yan Oi Market, November 5 developed fever, cough and sputum with blood, to 12 to Tuen Mun Hospital for treatment, had check-ups, get the medicine to go home after the observation, but the situation was no better, had consulted a private doctor, at 14, admitted to Tuen Mun Hospital.

No contact with live poultry infected family members did not

Department of Health and University of Hong Kong laboratory for testing samples of its throat secretions, yesterday confirmed she was infected with H5N1 virus, the hospital has prescribed Relenza and Tamiflu.

The patient's husband had runny nose, and cough with phlegm symptoms, but has recovered, the remaining family members, contacts, Tuen Mun Hospital the same room five patients have to do the test, no symptoms, the authorities will closely monitor their situation.FEHD staff had last been cleaned to the Yan Oi Market patients, but the daily live chicken markets clear policy, it failed to collect samples for testing in the market.

Secretary for Food and Health York Chow said Hong Kong has risen to serious levels of avian influenza, but no transmission of the crisis that temporarily, the Mainland, Hong Kong and to the land of the patients had the same risk of infection, it will notify the relevant Mainland authorities and the WHO.Because the patients developed symptoms after returning to Hong Kong, it is considered to be a greater chance of imported cases, but not rule out a local infection, as to whether gene variants of the virus, still needs further testing.

Controller, Centre for Health Protection explained, H5N1 incubation period of two weeks, more than a week the disease, the patient most of the time the week before onset of the mainland, only a small part-time in Hong Kong.

Yuen Kwok-yung: Travel all be concerned about the move

Dr Chow said that it will strengthen the monitoring of importation of chickens to Hong Kong, including strengthening the random entry of chickens from the Man Kam To monitor the situation of dead birds to remind the public not to contact with live poultry, port, the current test measures the body temperature is sufficient, will be held today across departmental meeting to discuss.

Hong Kong University microbiology department, said Yuen Kwok-yung, a case is difficult to ascertain the risk, the most important thing is how to trace the infected patient: 'Even the tourist is caught, of course, is worthy of attention!Particularly H5N1, mortality rate as high as 60%! 'He said the winter, a higher chance of an outbreak of bird flu: 'November the case began in March next year, the general temperature below 20 degrees, the case will increase.'

But he believes that our risk of infection is still low, especially at Nissin market policies have been implemented, mainly in poultry with H9N2 avian influenza virus the body is also reduced: 'nearly one can not be found.'



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