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Tuesday, December 14, 2010 India > News > Internet > Former WikiLeaks Partners to Start Openleaks

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, Dec 10, 2010 1756 hrs IST
Distances itself from exposes; will instead pass on the information to independent news media
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With the big brother closing in on beleaguered WikiLeaks architect Julian Assange, his former partners at the project are deserting him for a similar project. Christened Openleaks, the new non-profit organisation is founded by the former associates of Assange at WikiLeaks. The erstwhile partners claim, on the condition of anonymity, that Assange's high-handed approach is what made them break off into a separate entity.

Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter quoted one of the founders, 'As a short-term goal, this is about completing the technical infrastructure and ensuring that the organization continues to be democratically governed by all its members, rather than limited to one group or individual.' The ex-partners claim Assange's personal problems disrupted WikiLeaks from its goals. They contended that his experiences from the past were motivating his autocratic approach in pursuing issues without taking the collective into consideration.

In a clear departure from WikiLeaks' ethos, Openleaks will not directly publish the exposes. It will instead pass on the same to independent media entities. Openleaks intends to position itself as a neutral mediator with no political agenda. According to them, this will shield them from government wrath. The basic idea behind the move is to place the burden of editing and authenticating the information to third parties. The governments and other entities at the receiving will then have to contend with the independent media, which Openleaks believes would be more resilient against such pressures.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Calling the UK Minister to act to protect the Internet's openness

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Calling the UK Minister to act to protect the Internet's openness

Today, a group of 18 organizations representing a broad spectrum of society and the economy has sent an open letter to Ed Vaizey, MP, the UK Minister in charge of digital issues, to call on the UK Government to reflect their recent commitment to the open Internet in action on the ground. Skype is part of this initiative because we believe it is important to remind policy makers, local governments and regulators throughout Europe that a verbal commitment will not be sufficient to establish and protect openness.

We strongly welcome the UK Government's recent statement of support for the open Internet, but we must not forget about the existing restrictions in place in the UK and many other countries around the globe. For example, in countries like France, Germany, Spain, or the UK (to name only a few), several, if not all, mobile operators prohibit their customers from using Skype on their mobiles or they only allow Skype usage at extra cost. Similar restrictions affect many other uses of the Internet, such as video, audio, instant messaging, streaming, P2P, etc. In order to remove these restrictions, the governments and regulatory authorities in these countries - including the UK - need to make sure that:
Users can send and receive the content, use the services and run the applications of their choice on the Internet, on the device of their choice

Traffic management is kept to a minimum, and only in place for purely technical or security reasons

There is meaningful transparency for consumers about traffic management

New models of Internet access don't compromise openness

Effective enforcement mechanisms are in place to ensure openness

Thursday, November 18, 2010

define: IMU

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"IMU" is a very colourful picture

******IMU: Inertial Measurement Unit   
*****IMU: International Medical University (Malaysia)   
*****IMU: Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan   
*****IMU: International Mathematical Union   
*****IMU: Indiana Memorial Union (Indiana University)   
*****IMU: Iowa Memorial Union   
****IMU: Inertial Measuring Unit   
****IMU: Inner Mongolia University   
****IMU: Information Management Unit   
****IMU: Indian Maritime University (India)   
***IMU: Interactive Marketing Unit (Internet advertising)   
***IMU: I Miss You   
***IMU: Institut für Medienforschung und Urbanistik (Germany)   
***IMU: Intensive Management Unit   
***IMU: Irish Missionary Union (Ireland)   
***IMU: Israel Mathematical Union   
***IMU: Indre Missions Ungdom (Denmark)   
***IMU: International Marine Underwriters   
***IMU: Initial Mark-Up (difference between the cost of a good sold and its retail price)   
**IMU: In My Understanding   
**IMU: Interurban Multiple Unit (Australia)   
**IMU: International Metaphysical University (Vienna, WV)   
**IMU: Imágenes y Muebles Urbanos   
**IMU: Income Maintenance Unit   
**IMU: Institute for Management and Environment   
**IMU: International Metallurgists Union   
**IMU: Inertial Mapping Unit   
**IMU: Inert Mine, Unmodified   
**IMU: Inertia Navigational Measurement Unit (NASA)   
**IMU: Interactive Member Universal   
*IMU: Interactive Multimedia Unit   
*IMU: Internal Measuring Unit   
*IMU: International Measurement University   
*IMU: International Measurements Unit   
*IMU: Impact Meteorology Unit (US NOAA)   
*IMU: Internationales Schwimm-Meeting Uster   
*IMU: Intermediate Maintenance Unit   
*IMU: Intuitive Music Unit (band)there's no name  for specialist being makeup by makeup artist?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who is Jasmine Waltz?

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Who is Jasmine Waltz?

  • Jasmine Waltz once dated Ryan Seacrest. (X17)

    David Arquette recently went on Howard Stern’s Sirius show and confirmed that he had a fling with Jasmine Waltz, an aspiring actress who spends her nights serving drinks at Los Angeles hot spots – and punching starlets.

    She was reportedly the Hollywood waitress who famously punched Lindsay Lohan on her birthday in July.

    “A waitress just hit me - punched me for no reason," Lohan Tweeted later that night.

    Apparently it wasn’t a random act of violence. The incident stemmed out of jealousy since Lohan was hanging out with Doug Reinhardt, who used to date Waltz. (He’s currently linked to Paris Hilton.)

    "The waitress has a history with Doug Reinhardt, and Lohan was hanging out with him. She was jealous, and out of nowhere, the waitress punched her in the face!" an insider told US Weekly at the time.

    Afterwards, "Lohan ran out."

    But Reinhardt isn’t the only famous guy that the 28-year-old has been linked to.

    In early 2009 she dated “Americal Idol” host Ryan Seacrest. The relationship lasted long enough for him to whisk her away to Paris and frolic around Hollywood for a few months before it ultimately fizzled.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jerry__Blogger ‎: BREAKING NEWS: US Recent survey shows that in Sep only 35% of black males think they're big meech, which is way down from Aug total of 78%

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: BREAKING NEWS: US Recent survey shows that in Sep only 35% of black males think they're big meech, which is way down from Aug total of 78%

Saturday, September 11, 2010

BBC News gadget!

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