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Win7RescuePE , Build a Win7PE RescuePE

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 Win7RescuePE:  Build a Win7PE RescuePE
Build a Win7PE RescuePE
Detailed build tutorial: Creating-Win7RescuePE word document

EDIT by psc:
The server domain is lost by some circumstances. But here is an old copy of the tytorial: Creating%20Win7RescuePE.doc
EDIT end

IMPORTANT: new win7PERescue server is , add to your server list


Direct download is available Here:

winbuilder Direct Download

Links From Google:

Last edit: 09/18/09
Removed bug, not finding WAIK on x64 systems.
Added black screening error fix.
Added mounting error check.
Added Buildsystem check to Checksource logfile.
Added Exist imagex.exe check to Checksource logfile.

Some people have problems with black screen during booting, because using a invalid BaseDir for building!
I have add a check to 0-preconfig.script
Redownload: 0-preconfig.script

Thank's Peter for all your suggestion / help
More info:

New version uploaded

Removed bug in in win7peldr if USB flash drive type is other then removable!
Removed bug in autorun section
Removed bug in password protection

Added better error handling of used windows7 source
Added more Explorer Tweaks

Added Windows7 Remote Desktop Connection
Added Super Finder XT
Added Unstoppable Copier 4.2
Added Universal Extractor 1.6
Added Infra Recorder 0.50
Added MbrFix v1.3.0.0
Added Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6.2
Added HijackThis! V2.0.2
Added SumatraPDF 0.9.4
Added Pserv V2.7
Added Xchm 1.9
Added System Information Viewer (SIV) 4.00
Added System Info 2009-07-28
Added CPUID Hardware Monitor 1.14
Added AusLogics System Information V-
Added Partition Find and Mount 2.31
Added HDDScan 3.2
Added Joshua's Key Reader v.2/7b
Added SoftPerfect Network Scanner V4.3.2

New version uploaded!
added explorer as shell/filemanger
added Explorer Tweaks script
added bsexplorer skins
added same options menu to all included apps
added set screen resolution to Win7PE.cfg file
updated all included apps to most current versions
Opera10, FileZilla, System Info 2009-07-28, Q-Dir 3.94, Recuva v1.30.435........
all apps are now in a organized menu structure
removed some bugs in win7peloader and shortcuts programs

Before you start download, delete or remove all old Win7RescuePE files !


Windows PE 3.0 like environment

Standard build runs on systems with only 256MB-RAM!
Ideal to rescue data from old computers.

Most important: Rescue software is included.
Computer Managements
Terabyte Image 2.41 and TBIView 4.09.0
Opera 9.64 Internet Browser
qDir file manager
a43 file manager
Agent Ransack
Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics
XP Key Readers

A lot other tools like antispyware/antivirus will follow soon!


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