Monday, August 09, 2010

Man identify himself on surveillance video to the Police

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Posted by Tara Lipinsky

Davis St. Petersburg, FL police now say Dwayne Davis, Jr. is the guy here on a store surveillance video shown grabbing a man out of his car and pistol whipping him on June 12.

So how did officers finally figure out this man’s identity you ask? Was it the police force’s crackerjack investigative team that painstakingly solved the crime?

Nah. Davis accidentally turned himself. He allegedly called police to ask why he was on a TV news station in a surveillance video featuring unsolved criminal cases.

The station was running a story on crimes police were trying to solve in the area, and Davis reportedly phoned the fuzz to find out why his picture was part of the story.

Davis didn't call to ask us why he wasn't our Dumb Criminal on Friday, but he should have, because that's when the story hit the web and we didn't find it until today.


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