Friday, August 13, 2010

Sign the petition to stop new Internet sales tax

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Sign the petition to stop new Internet sales tax
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Since last week, more than 28,000 eBay buyers and sellers have signed the petition to fight new Internet sales taxes. Now we need you to add your voice to the issue.

What's at stake: HR 5660, a bill before Congress known as the “Main Street Fairness Act," would require online businesses and entrepreneurs to collect and remit sales taxes from each customer. This law would affect 45 states and as many as 15,000 local jurisdictions.
If passed, the law would place a heavy burden on small online retailers who have set up shop on the Internet to offer increased selection and value. eBay is working hard to oppose this bill, but we need the help of our eBay Main Street members to keep HR 5660 from becoming law.

This is not the time to introduce a new tax. Sign the petition and say "no" to new Internet tax burdens.


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