Friday, August 13, 2010

Firefox Sync 1.4 Released

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Firefox Sync 1.4 Released

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Mozilla is proud to announce the latest release of Firefox Sync is now available for download.  This release includes the following main features:
  • It enables you to give friendly names to identify your computers (John’s Work Laptop, Mary’s Home Desktop etc) which is especially useful when you use Firefox Home, our upcoming iPhone app.
  • It includes some major UI changes in preparation for bringing Firefox Sync to Firefox 4.
  • In addition, we also have numerous performance and stability improvements.

UI Changes in Firefox Sync 1.4

In order to improve the user experience when using Tab Sync, we have added the ability to set a friendly name for your computer, so you can easily tell which tabs are from which devices.  This is designed to improve the user experience for tab sync across all devices, especially for Firefox on mobile devices and the upcoming Firefox Home release.
Firefox 4 is heading in the direction of a simpler and cleaner UI. In preparation for bringing Sync to Firefox 4, we’ve reduced the presence of Firefox Sync in the primary UI for Firefox. To meet the needs of a simpler UI, you can now only access Firefox Sync through the Tools menu versus the previous UI where Sync was available in both the status bar and in the Tools menu.  As we continue to evolve Firefox Sync and scale our server backend, we will sync more frequently for a more seamless user experience, which means this UI would have been a frequent distraction for users.  We’re very interested in constructive feedback about how we can continue to evolve the user experience on our mailing list.


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