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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The trick for LG G2 to take a screenshot

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How to take screenshots on the LG G2

The LG G2 is most special looking Android device on the market today. Featuring a substantial 5.2 inch near bezeless display, the G2 still packs one handed usability. This is due to the fact the device is only .35 inches thick, and the power and volume buttons have been relocated to the back for easy, one handed access. LG has decided to include a software method of screenshot taking, which does not require any physical button presses.

Android snapshot button combo

Due to the size and unique shape of this device the button combination can be somewhat difficult. I have larger hands yet pressing close buttons on the rear of the device was a challenge, and sometimes required two hands.

To take a screenshot press the volume down and the power button at the same time. until you hear the screen capture sound. The screen will flash and the notification bar will say: “Saving screenshot…” once that is occurs it is safe to release.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Enable Google Toolbar in Firefox 5

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Enable Google Toolbar in Firefox 5

If you've installed Firefox 5 and noticed that Google Toolbar wasn't updated to support the new Firefox release, there's a simple way to enable the extension:
install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter. "After installing the Add-on Compatibility Reporter, your incompatible extensions will become enabled for you to test whether they still work with the version of Firefox or Thunderbird that you're using." This should only be a temporary solution until Google Toolbar and other extensions update their compatibility list.

Enable google toolbar for Firefox 5
Firefox 5 Google toolbar extension
Google Toolbar 7 works well in Firefox 5, especially considering that the new Firefox version didn't make too many important extension-related changes.

Firefox's faster release cycle, inspired by Google Chrome, has an important downside: extension developers need to update their extensions more frequently and update the list of Firefox versions that are supported. Mozilla alleviated this problem by automatically marking almost 4,000 extensions as compatible with Firefox 5, but Google Toolbar is not hosted by Mozilla and it's downloaded from Google's servers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Remove an Outlook Express Splash Screen

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How to Remove an Outlook Express Splash Screen

When Microsoft Outlook Express is opened, you have to wait a few moments to read your messages because the splash screen has to show first. If you've become irritated at the splash screen and you just want to get to your inbox, there is a registry fix that you can easily perform to ensure that the splash screen doesn't appear again.
Difficulty: Easy


1 Click on the "Start" icon.
2 Click on "Run" on the Start Menu.
3 Type "Regedit" and click on "OK."
Click on each of the following items:
{Unique Identity}
Outlook Express
5.0 (click on this value to see the entries in the right pane)
5 Right-click an empty space in the right pane, run your mouse pointer over "New" and then click on "DWORD Value."
6 Name the DWORD Value "NoSplash." Click on the new value to open it.
7 Change the "Value data" number to "1" and click on "OK." Exit the Registry Editor and restart Outlook Express. There won't be a splash screen.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Tricks to Deal With Bad Customer Service

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Tricks to Deal With Bad Customer Service

Cool customer services will make you want to continue to do business with a company. Bad customer service will frustrate you and make you think about taking your business else where. Dealing with bad customer service in the proper way will help you feel better about your experience and will help the company improve customer service.

Be specific about your complaint when you are speaking to a customer service representative. Many times, bad customer service is simply the result of the customer service representative misunderstanding your situation.

Stay calm and polite when you are speaking to any representative of the company. Becoming irate will hurt your chances of having your problem solved.

Ask to speak to a supervisor or manager if necessary. A manager or supervisor will usually have more options available to effectively fix your problem.

Offer your suggestions. If you have ways in mind to correct the problem or improve customer service, let the supervisor know. You may be able to offer a solution that the manager didn't think about.

Accept that you may have to compromise. In some cases, the solution that you are seeking may be impossible.

Write a letter to the company or business owner. Make sure that you include your initial problem, the names of everyone you spoke with, your specific customer service complaints, your proposed solution and your contact information.

Find a new business to frequent. If you find that you are unable to get your situation resolved in a mutually agreeable way, taking your business elsewhere will make a powerful statement. This is especially true if you are dealing with a small business.